Thursday, June 12, 2008

Slow Blogging

Hi all,

Sorry for the slow blogging week. That usually means I have a busy "life" week! ;-) This will be it until Sunday (I think).

Please go check out my friend Sarah's blog to read a very moving, very REAL post about prejudice. We all need to stand up!

Our family is heading into an exciting week. We're kickin' it off with a trip to Wichita to visit my parents (haven't been there since February!). We're doing the bbq thing for Dad's Day, and get to see the progress made on my mom's dream home.

Then Eric is taking all next week off for a Gillispie-style vacation. That means a "working" vacation.

We shall rip up the carpets in the downstairs and replace them with beautiful new laminate wood floors!! The kitty shall no longer be enticed by the pile carpet. Nay--the kitty's litter box will call her like a whisper from heaven from now on! The children's spills will matter no more. The mommy or child can simply wipe it up with no worry of stain. Finally, after said flooring is installed the Gillispie family can once proudly open their doors to friends and neighbors without first gagging at the sight of our terribly stained carpet!

In addition to our flooring project (which first requires that we rip up 600 sq of carpet and padding) we are painting our bedroom and the living room.

Doesn't our vacation sound SO FUN!?! To finish off this week of fun madness we will hold our Crayon's Pink Lemonade Stand sale on the 21st at La Fortune Park here in Tulsa (by the kiddie toys). We finally got permission today so we're all set. If you are in our area we would love for you to come, enjoy some lemonade, and make a donation that will 100% go towards purchasing new beds, bedding, chairs, and a dining table for Eban House. We have several new kids coming in and not enough beds and chairs! We'll be at La Fortuna from 10am - 1pm on the 21st. Hope to see you there! Hey--if enough adopted kiddos come we could really have ourselves a little get-together! Just with my clan will have Taevy (Cambodia), Samren (Vietnam), Mia (our neice, Guatemala), and Bright (Ghana).

And hey--if you're a big spender and want to make a donation of $25 or more I'll take your check and make sure you get a tax deductible receipt for your efforts. We're just going to "sell" the lemonade for .50 and hope that folks feel led to donate a bit more when they can. And if folks don't have the .50....well...they'll still get pink lemonade too. =-)

All in all, I think our working vacation will be super extra fun! If everything goes really well we might sneak away Wednesday and Thursday to drive the kids to Frontier City to have some "real" fun. Of course to Taevy the "real" fun will be staying in the Motel 6--that child would LOVE to live in a motel!

So there you have it. I'm giving you the excuse for why I didn't blog much all next week. She didn't cause she was busy redoing the ol' house-a-r00! Of cousre I'm not dropping off the face of the earth and my AAI families are still stuck with me--but maybe not stuck quite so much next week!

P.S. No secret here. I am a terrible insomniac. Like..I'm the gal who will stay awake utnil 4:30am AFTER taking the most Lunesta you're suppoded to take. I'm the gal that will flat out not get a wink of sleep without a sleeping pill. I'm praising God tonight because by golly! I think we've found a winner! Ambien (well...ambien's generic cousin). Last night I was able to SLEEP for the first time in a week. And right now, it is taking every ounce of my being to type these words out. Oh the typos! Bring it on, double vision! Bring it on slurred speech! I'm gonna sleep tnoight!!!


Amalama 9:10 PM  

Well, my dear, enjoy your sleep and massive projects- wowza! I hope you get many happy zzzzzz's. :)

Not to rain on your parade or anything, but I just tried to go to Sarah's blog and I can't get to it- it is a private party and I wasn't invited!


We're Ghana Adopt 10:32 PM  

I am so glad you are getting some sleep, finally! I have noticed that the nightly bloggers must all be getting sleep because it has been very quiet. :0) It has definitely helped me also because I have been going to sleep earlier.
Sending some zzzzzzzz's your way!

mabmd 12:24 AM  

how does one get invited to read a blog? I tried to click on your friend Sara's blog, but it said I was "not invited" Hmmm... Oh well...
--Allyson (interested in adoption)