Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 28

Another wonderful day here in Ghana. Gosh, I love it here. I miss home, but I do love it here.

I thought I would feel much more "on alarm" in our neighborhood than I actually do. I thought I would be paranoid and looking around every corner. But even as Amy and I walked back to Maa Oye tonight in the dark (with Percy) it hit me that I didn't feel on edge at all. Maybe that is naïve. I suppose I just wouldn't do well living in that fear. It would do no good. As Auntie Ruth (who stayed at Eban the first night after the tragedy happened) said today, "God has it all in His hands. I believe this.

The internet situation has been utterly frustrating. I don't have a good idea of the conditions Muna and our administrative staff work under until I am here with them, trying to work in the same office. Good grief. The connection just isn't good most of the time now. When the internet is "on" it means that it turns off and on literally ever 1-3 minutes, so loading pages or trying to instant message someone is quite the frustrating task.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today. I can't get over how "cool" it is this time of year. Today was definitely the day I have sweated the least in Ghana. Now, I'm still a sweaty oily mess, but it is much better! It's more like a glistening sweat rather than a dripping sweat. Also, I haven't gotten a single mosquito bite OR my all over rash that has happened every time I've been here! Is it the time of year? Are the mosquitos less? Or have I just finally found a repellant that WORKS? I may never know. But I'm happy. No malaria for me!

Today I went with a family to file the I-600. I really like the "new" Embassy so much better than the old one. We have it so good now, with a nice clean air conditioned facility. Even the bathroom is nice! You just don't even want me to go there about the "old" Embassy (before June of last year). Yuck. Everything went great with the filing and I was very happy to see that both Percy and myself were warming received by the most staunch employee at DHS. Rufina remembered me from our last visit and greeted us with a smile. What a welcome change! Percy (our adoption coordinator) said that slowly but surely he is getting through her rough
exterior. ;-)

After the embassy we headed back towards Teshie and stopped off at Next Door Beach Resort to eat some lunch. Eating there is obruni prices, but more of a typical Ghanaian experience than somewhere like Frankies. Your food is made after you order so you definitely shouldn't go there if you're in a hurry. Amy got the goat (I liked it, but was chewy!), and I got my favorite--Red Red and Fried Plantains (with chicken). After we downed our Fanta and Coke Percy watched our stuff while Amy and I ventured down to the coast. I know sandy beaches have the good reputation but I just love walking all over the rocky shore at Next Door Beach Resort! I found several little treasures for my kids (I'm an Okie so shells and shiny rocks thrill me), and cooled my feet in the water. Amy (who has been to the ocean much more) seemed to find me very "cute"---all excited and giddy. It's amazing to me how quickly you go from being in ankle deep water to thigh deep water (as my wet pants can attest to)!

The most embarrassing moment of the day was when I fell to the ground on my way to Eban House this morning. I total bit the dirt! One man was walking by and said, "Oh sorry!" as he tried not to let me see him laugh. I would have laughed too--seeing the big white/red obruni loaded down with bag and lap top and other sundries, falling to the ground. I got myself a skinned knee like the kind you get when you're little and fall on the concrete (except mine was filled with gritty sand). By the time I got to Eban the blood was way through my khaki capris. Muna and Cece took good care of me though. Muna even blew on my knee as she put alcohol on it OVER AND OVER again! Good grief--we need some non-burning antiseptic folks! That is torture! DONATION ALERT! LOL! The scrape felt none too great later in the day when the salt water of the ocean swept over it either. But this too shall pass. Just another memory of Ghana--and one that will come with a scar!

Yesterday I told everybody that I bought 6 yards of material for $14 and that the ladies next to Eban would sew it into an outfit for $5. Well, it ended up being $10 an outfit (talked down from $15). Still, I'm happy with a custom made outfit for $24. Muna gifted me today with some absolutely gorgeous (much fancier than I bought) fabric in two patterns. So two outfits are being made. One will be a "straight dress" and the other is a skirt with these cool ruffles at the bottom, with short-sleeved and embroidered shirt. Muna insists that for me--being the modern woman I am--I get a shorter than ankle-length skirt, so they will be about mid-chin. One will be ready "for Sunday" (because you know, I must wear it to church!) and the other will be ready by next Wednesday. So buyer beware--if you're going to have something made by the ladies next to Eban either be prepared to pay more for "expediting" or do it as soon as you get here.

Okay, I think I've purged enough for the night. Not sure when this will get out, as I never know when the next internet connection will come. But I still enjoy sitting and reflecting on my day through writing. Just the non-work stuff. Lots of work is being done too, but that's not as fun to write home about.


Nicole Anderson 9:46 AM  

Thank you so much for your posts. I used to post on the Ghana Yahoo group. We had been thinking of adopting from Ghana, but went with ET. My heart still holds a spot for Ghana, and I throuroughly enjoy reading your blog.

Deborah 9:28 PM  

This is my first visit to your blog, and I really enjoyed reading all the news. Your children are just adorable. What a beautiful family! I pray that all is going like you planned. I am so grateful for you and all that you have done for my family.

whenpigsfly 9:53 PM  

Continuing to pray for your trip Anita knowing that God IS directing each of your steps!
I am selfishly having a wonderful vicarious trip to Ghana as I read your entries too!!Well i am learning and preparing for when its my turn too!!!