Monday, August 04, 2008

Saturday, August 2

Gosh, I just feel like I have been so out of touch this trip. This trip there has been a lot less time to myself (not a bad thing) but that results in also not a lot of time to sit and reflect on my day. Also, it has felt so hectic that I haven't gotten to the internet café. Instead I am not-so-patiently waiting until there might be an internet connection at Eban House at the same time I am there and have time to email!

Okay, so last night I stayed (with Amy "Fabu") at the Savannah Beach Guesthouse. The pictures from the place are just beautiful (well, most of them) but it was really more like camping than anything else. The price was right at $20, but it honestly wasn't for me. I do fine at the $15 a night no hot water, no A/C guesthouse by Eban House, but this was much more "rustic". Amy and I truly freaked ourselves out at one point in the night--just like schoolgirls telling ghost stories! The thing is, the roof is thatched, which is wonderful and beautiful and authentic during the day. But at night you start thinking about all of the things that could be crawling around that thatch and it feels....different! Amy is pretty sure she saw a mouse.

Also, the room doesn't have an en suite bathroom. So when you need to go (or shower), you've got to truck it down the stairs to the dark and dingy bathhouse. Hint--bring your own TP! It is SO WET at this place, because the ocean breeze brings in so much moisture, that the provided TP was totally wet and soggy. Actually, the whole place is kind of wet and soggy...and sandy. The breeze blows sand into the room, so the sheet was covered in it. And you must wear bug repellant because you are in so much vegetation, so the sand is also all over sticking to your skin from head to toe. Finally, don't expect any sort of "customer service" if you stay here. You're pretty much on your own, except that they will call a taxi for you (good thing, since you'd have to walk a long way to find one for yourself).

Can you tell this place wasn't for me? Still, it is beautiful to look at. And if you like to camp, maybe it's great for you! Last night Amy and I did walk out to the ocean and stand with the waves crashing over our legs for a good long while. It was so peaceful and refreshing. I like the ocean.

Today was a busy day at Eban House, as a family that adopted through us came back to visit. Also, it was the first day for another traveling family. Lots of obrunis!!!! It's so neat to meet families that I only know through email and phone. Awesome.

The "culture of adoption" at Eban House is amazing to me. Today I observed as several of the older girls sat around talking about who was going where, and when. Who was still waiting to find their "obruni mommy" and who already had one. They were even going down the line of who would leave first, second, third, etc. I don't think the kids can ACTUALLY know what it means to have a new mommy and daddy and go to America, but they sure THINK they want that! They THINK they know! LOL!

Okay, random facts that AAI (and maybe other families) might find helpful:

Loaf of bread: 1.50 (price has more than doubled in the last year)

Taxi from Eban to DutcHotel: 4-5 cedis, around 10 minutes with normal traffic

Breakfast at Maa Oye Guesthouse: 1.50 for buttered toast; 1.50 for fried eggs. Don't let them charge more! Or if they do, insist to see the price list (they have one). One family was recently charged 6 cedis for breakfast.

Breakfast Buffet (or menu order) at DutcHotel: 10 cedis. It's really good though, if you're tired of simple bread and butter breakfasts. This morning when I got there the buffet was put away so I ordered a cheese omelet, toast, "baked beans" (really pork and beans, traditional British thing), and pineapple juice. Wasn't hungry again until 4pm.

Room at DutcHotel: Has gone from $60 to $140 in one year! Inflation is just crazy huge right now. You could probably negotiate for around $100, but still....

Pool at DutcHotel (can you tell I visited DutcHotel?): 4.50 for adults and 3 for kids. They also have beach access. The pool is very, very nice but not as extensive as what they have at La Palm. They have a safe to put your things in. All this, according to one of our parents. =-)

The opposite of "obruni" is "obibini". It seems that Ghanaian people find it very amusing when an obruni knows this. Tonight I told the taxi driver I wanted "obibini price" when he wasn't coming down on the fair. He chuckled, and came down on the price.

I am absolutely wiped out right now. I plan to go to sleep tonight and sleep as long as I can in the morning! Tomorrow will truly be a "day of rest"! I am disappointing people that I'm not going to church, but I know if I don't get some major sleep I am going to have a difficult time with a very busy week starting Monday!

Here's hoping for an internet connection so at some point I can actually share this email!
P.S. Mosquito tally: One week in and still NO BITES!!!!! I do have a bit of the "mystery rash" (heat rash???) on my finger knuckles, but nowhere else. My least itchy trip ever! LOL!


Amalama 3:31 PM  

Ok, I just gotta add that Amy DID see a mouse, although Anita would like to think I only THOUGHT I saw a mouse!!! ;) It was brown and furry with a little tail, so let's hope it was a mouse and not a rat! :)

I still had fun though and the view was a million dollar one, no doubt. The bath house however, was less than appealing. Sooooo, is the view worth it? Not sure. Especially because I was the one who saw the mouse!