Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bad Fibro Week

Hi all,

You know, I'm sure less than 3 people really care if I post regularly to my blog, but I still feel bad when I post like 2 lame things in a week! And this post is no different I'm afraid. I'm just feeling sort of fried. It's been a bad fibromyalgia week and I am so tired of being in pain. I think that takes the winds out of my sails when it comes to blogging.

I have a great Christian doctor who specializes in conditions like mine. She is more holistic and will not prescribe medications (like Vicodin) that are potentially habit-forming. I appreciate this and am glad about this, although there are times when the non-habit forming medications I take (4 each day and one for if things are worse than normal) just don't take the pain away.

I have a bottle of hydrocodone (vicodin) from when I had the eye infection and I admit that I save those pills for when things are REALLY bad. Sometimes I just so desire to live in my body without pain. Good days are "less pain" days instead of "no pain" days. Tonight I hit my limit and took one of the hydrocodones. Again I must say that I am SO GLAD that my doctor will not regularly prescribe these to me because they work so well that it is easy to see how people get hooked on them. To have just a few hours without pain is such a luxury and if I had unlimited access to them it would be easy to always want to take them. Of course that's not really an answer because it's the type of drug your body gets used to and then your body would want more and more and more.

But for tonight, it is nice to have a few hours of no pain.

P.S. Want to hear something weird? When I'm in Ghana pretty much all of my symptoms disappear (except that my fatigue gets worse)!


Heather A. 8:41 PM  

I have to wonder if it has something to do with all the crap that is added to our food and drink. All the antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial preserves and sweetners. I noticed a BIG diff when I went to Ghana myself.

Don't want to go down that road though! I'm glad that you are having a pain free night, and will be praying that you have a less painful weekend with your family.

Heather A. 8:42 PM  

ACK! I didn't mean to imply that spending time with your family was painful! I hope that your Fibro doesn't act up while you are visiting your family!

A. Gillispie 9:13 PM  

Heather you crack me up! I didn'd take it that way, although my stepdad can be a "pain" sometimes! LOL!

I TOTALLY agree with you about the possibility that the food has something to do with my lack of symptoms in Ghana. I also wonder if the humitidy doesn't somehow loosen up my joints and such. One thing that perked my ears up was when I met a Ghanaian who lived in a cold climate usually. He was coming back home to Ghana and mentioned how the "cold and dry" made his bones hurt but he never hurt in Ghana. But the food--I am definitely leaning towards that being a big part of it.

Amalama 9:22 PM  

Hey Miss 'Nita,

I am just so sorry to hear you have to deal with that... I have a close friend who is living with it too and boy, it is difficult. I will pray for you, in hopes that you can be pain free without addictive drugs... but I am glad you have some relief.


We're Ghana Adopt 2:47 AM  

My Dear Anita!
I am so sorry you are having so much pain but glad you are pain free for a while. I don't know much about what you have, but I am sorry to have to deal with it. I do agree with Heather about the food thing though. :0)

Sending pain free hugs your way!

Moxymama 10:06 PM  

I too have suffered from fibro for years now. Fortunately I also have a doctor who does not just prescribe a bunch of pain killers. For years I took a combination of malic acid and magnesium supplements and that really helped.