Friday, July 11, 2008

Something to "Brighten" your day

(Or at least it did mine.)

Brightos and Funnel Cakes do not mix. =-)
I love my husband. He is not like a super big sports guy (College Football being his one BIG weakness). He has never waisted hours on end playing video games. But every once in a while he will decide to do something for himself. He really wanted to get a Wii. And as a family we have totally enjoyed it. THEN he played "Rock Band" at my sister's house and really liked it. So he splurged again and got this game. I've got to two former band geeks we sit around and play it when the kids are in bed!
The day he got the game he was playing it and Bright went and picked up the microphone. Do you think this kid has seen one too many episodes of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance?! Boy, he makes me smile.


Amalama 11:17 PM  

SOOOO cute!


We're Ghana Adopt 11:26 PM  

(scene from Chipmunks)

Bingaling 7:59 AM  

I agree with Eric. Wii and Rock Band are SO FUN!! My brother and his wife have them and we had so much fun playing! They are on our list of "things we'll get when we have some extra cash".