Saturday, July 12, 2008

Company Picnic

Today we went to Eric's company picnic. I am not big on showing my "big" self at company events, but I got over myself for the day. =-) Eric works for a company that makes games for Indian casinos (he is a computer programmer). It's a really neat company to work for. They provide him with lunch every day from various local restaurants. They also have extras like Wii tournaments in the office! LOL! They are very family-friendly and very understanding about all of the time Eric needs to take off for kidney-related stuff.

Today was really fun. We fished. We played in the lake. We ate. We were merry!

I am one that loves to fish. My dad died when I was 18 and it was something we used to do a lot. Ever spring and summer I literally dream about fishing! I just love that feeling of that fish tug-of-war! So today I took the kids fishing for the first time. They didn't have any luck but I did pull in the little bass above. So fun!


whenpigsfly 11:21 PM  

Looks like everyone had a great time Anita!! Since you have introduced your kiddos to the fine art of fishing, we will be sure to take them across the street to our pond to fish when they are with us next week!!!! I am not a fisher-woman, but the kids all LOVE to fish from Malachi on down!

Bonky's Mom 7:56 AM  

How fun! Sounds like such a great day with sweet memories!

(from Barnabettes)