Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Whiney Adoption Coordinator

It was one of those days when it is no fun to be an adoption coordinator. None.At.All. The day started at 4am when I needed to get up and call the Embassy in Ghana to set up DHS appointments for three families. But the call wouldn't go through. That is not usually a problem with Ghana, but of course when I REALLY need to make 3 appointments I can't get through. I called our adoption coordinator in Ghana and he confirmed that the embassy phone system seems to have been down all week. Fun.

So, I get that done (or not done) and the next thing on my to-do list is call another country to set up my car and driver. Nothing like calling a stranger that was recommended to you by another stranger! But I got through to him and got a rate. He said he'd drive me.

Next it was time to call the hotel I want to stay at. Again with the phone not going through business! I tried over and over and just can't get this phone number to go through. I don't know enough about the country to know if the number I have is wrong or what. And of course I have to get this reservation done before I can apply for the visa.

At 5am I am done with my unproductive attempts with mid-morning Africa. I lay down and try unsuccessfully to sleep. End up praying for "my" families--but especially one that has been delayed for court several times. I'm to find out later in the morning if this is her week.

At 9am I call our administrator in Ghana to see about the family only to find out that not only are the not going to court, but there has been a change in procedure. It's not supposed to be a big deal, but to me anything unknown and untried is a big deal. And I love this family. And I want them to have a court date. And now I have to call them and break their hearts because once again court isn't happening this week.

Sometimes I feel like we have it all together in our little Ghana program. Sometimes I'm amazed at how far we've come in a year. Other times--like today--I am riddled with disappointment because of things that don't go as planned, and things that I cannot control no matter how hard I try. I want communication to be PERFECT. But how can it be when we go weeks at a time without a solid internet connection and have to rely on phone calls with 30 kids in the background? I want the process to be absolutely standardized. But I know in my mind that Ghana will probably never be that way. There will always be changes. There will always be delays. And it will never make sense which family is delayed while another family coasts through the entire process. was not a fun day to be an adoption coordinator. Not at all. But for the grace of God go I... The day starts again at 4am. Please Lord, let tomorrow be a better day for my families and for Ghana adoption.



Heather 9:34 PM  

Blah!!!!! Today was not a peaceful day on any front, I guess. I will pray for you, Anita. Thank you for chugging away for all of us. You are an angel (as well as The Adoption Warrior Princess)!!

Love Ya, Heather