Thursday, July 03, 2008

What a talker!

It is absolutely amazing me to watch the miracle of child development. To see my baby struggle this past year and not really ever have that huge "catch up" momentum that most children has, has been very difficult sometimes.

When we had Bright evaluated for Early Intervention it was no shock that he qualified for services (cognitive and speech). But then of course as soon as he qualified something clicked and he began his own little mini-marathon in child development. He was 31 months when he was evaluated. At that time he could copy, but not say by memory 1-5. He couldn't sing any songs. He had some words but hardly any were understandable by an outsider, and he didn't have any two word phrases. He didn't get any concept of colors.

NOW, two months later, my miracle boy can count from 1-10 (most of the time), sings two songs, says several two word phrases, is adding new words every day, and even said his first three word phase ("Yes you did!", arguing with his sister!). He doesn't have his colors down yet, but he knows what colors are and guesses with color words (everything is green, and if not green, it should be red).

Yesterday he was holding our kitty Bangle. He LOVES this cat but the cat doesn't love him (as you can imagine). I got this little video of him holding his "baby." And then it struck me just how much his recent speech development shows in the video. I just love my Brighto. What a blessing. Even though we can't get him to shut up now! LOL!


Amalama 9:28 PM  

Yea Bright! How wonderful that he is doing so well!