Thursday, August 21, 2008

100,000 and 50

Can you believe it? My blog counter hit 100,000 today. So weird--that there have been 100,000 clicks in the last 30 months to read about my life. About 100 clicks a day.

So this is how I looked in 2004:

Um...yeah.... and this is how I look now:See a difference? 50 pounds difference. Maybe 20 of it in boob! We'll talk about my dreams for reduction surgery in the future but tonight I'm talking about the non-boob weight. I've got to get serious about this. I just feel yucky. I'm the heaviest I've ever been. Food is my cigarette. It's my alcohol. It's my big gamble.

Kind of impossible to go "cold turkey" with food. Oh--well I just sort of cracked myself up because I supposed cold turkey wouldn't be a bad thing for my diet! LOL! But you know what I mean. It's a little trickier than quitting smoking. Not that stop-smoking is any easier--just that it's very straight-forward. The problem with me and food is that "just a little" turns into "just a little more" until it is a "whole bunch!"

We'll see how I do. I've already seen about 6 pounds of loss, but it isn't fat. It's just the difference in how much water I'm holding because my salt intake has been so much less since I started dieting and exercising a few days ago. Still, I'll take it!



Jennifer 10:16 PM  

Right there with you Anita!! I NEED to loose this weight before India :)

Story of our Life 4:35 AM  

You go Anita!!!

I'm sitting here...right next to my 'lil ol puter....cheering you on.

Remember - I had WLS and I know all about weightloss and the struggle it can be. (Most of us do). But I do know from a hole different perspective.

You can do it!!

Heather A. 6:51 AM  

Girl, you're BEAUTIFUL in ALL of those pictures. I'm all for getting healthy, but get healthy so that you can be more active with your kids, so that you will decrease your risk of heart disease or cancer, not because you think you look better. Ok, enough of the preaching.

Now for a little cheerleading: You are so strong and determined, for your kids, for your husband, when you go to Africa. You can do this. You are strong enough to beat that milkshake!

You crack me up with the 20 lbs of boob thing! I always laugh when women want bigger boobs and those of us that have been "blessed" want to chop ours off! But I'm with ya on that one! I look at some of my pictures and think I look like a head the size of an apple on top of two watermelons.

In His Dust 1:21 PM  

First, off you are beautiful! I know this will suprise you but, I had a shocking weigh in the other day too!!! I am almost back up to my pregnancy weight!! Isn't it supposed to go the other direction?=) It did right after he was born. I dropped that weight like it was nothing. But, I think while typing I just figured out why I am packing on the pounds again! I'm having another baby! Only it's through adoption!=) But, that thought made me feel like I had a little bit of an excuse! Really though, I have gained 20 lbs in the 6 months that we have been waiting on our girl to come home! Chocolate is my best friend! So, we can do this together, girl! I have started doing yoga and drinking slimfast! I also have cut back on Diet Cokes(my other best friend=)! SO WE CAN DO THIS!!! Rah Rah ree kick the fat in the knee! And all that great stuff!

Amalama 2:15 PM  

Oh Miss Anita,

First off- that is amazing- 100,000 visitors is just incredible! You have so much to offer the adoption community and it doesn't shock me one bit that you have such a following of interested readers. I know I rarely miss a day checking in.

Secondly, I must concur with the other gals on you being beautiful in all 3 pictures (hey, I took the last one, didn't I!). But I do also know that wanting to feel better is a good goal. Maybe you'll inspire me!!!

Fabu (but not fit)

Kristin Jag 10:07 PM  

You are too funny.....I like your cold turkey joke! My kind of sense of humor.

Robin Dodd Photography 10:13 PM  

Your hysterical with the boob thing... I've put on a good 40 pounds myself woman in the past few years.. you just have to start with today and keep moving.. My favorite thing to do is to walk 8 miles and then go eat Mexican food!!! I've got to leave that last part out....Congrats on your 100,000 mark!! How awesome!