Wednesday, August 20, 2008

32, 42, 52

Taevy: 8 in September; 52.2 pounds (about 25th percentile); 1 year older than Samren; 5 years older than Bright

Samren: 7 in November; 42.2 pounds (about 10th percentile); 1 year younger than Taevy; 4 years older than Bright

Bright: 3 in October; 32.2 pounds (about 60th percentile); 4 and 5 years younger than Taevy and Samren, but only 10 and 20 pounds lighter!
On Sunday we all wore our clothes from Ghana to church. The pastor asked me to say a few words about what I do in Ghana (it went in with his sermon). I have a hard time with speaking in front of the church (even interview style, like this was) but it was a good excuse to wear the Ghanaian dress I had made, and show off my beautiful family in their duds as well! =-)

Do you think Bright could grow up and play Gordy in a Star Trek: The Next Generation remake? ;-) This is one of Taevy's headbands and Bright thinks it is the best toy EVER.



Heather A. 9:23 PM  

Too funny about Gordy! That's the first place my mind went when I saw him. I think that means I've watched too much Next Generation over the years. Your family looks great in all of their Ghana outfits btw.

Bingaling 8:52 AM  

I love the photo of everyone in their outfits! They all look great!

We are all too nerdy...Gordy is exactly where my mind went when I saw that photo!

Nicole - Raising Animals 10:39 PM  

Anita! You have SUCH a beautiful family!