Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This really bugs me....

**UPDATE** I heard back from the person that put Bright's picture/painting on the web and they said that they will remove the photo of Bright from their website when they return from Ghana in the next few weeks.

Today I went to a certain website looking for someone's email address that I needed to communicate with. While on the website I noticed a link for "art." I clicked on it out of curiosity and this person that I know (through email/internet) has taken a photo she had of Bright when he was staying at at Hands of Mercy (between the time that he was legally ours and the time we could bring him home) and make it into what looks like an oil painting. I'm thinking it's probably a photoshop deal, but maybe she really recreated the photo into a painting. Doesn't really matter.

What matters to me is that my son is on the internet, on an orphanage site that he was never a "ward" of, without my permission. It looks like he is "one of the poor orphans" when in fact he was my legally adopted son at the time the photo was taken. Worse yet, the person who made the "painting" gives them to people in return for donating to that organization. It makes me feel uncomfortable to think of a photo of my naked son hanging in someone's livingroom as a representation of "the orphans of Africa."

I've written to the person and asked that the photo/painting be taken off of the internet. But I can never know if she will continue to give this painting to others. I will never be able to truly know what she does with that image. And honestly, it bugs me that she has this photo of my son and didn't send it to me! There are these weird feelings--like, "Wow! That's a picture of Bright that I don't have, of his time in Africa!" mixed with "Get that image of my son off of your site!"

Anyway, that's my rant for the evening. Sort of a helpless rant. It's actually a pretty precious photo, but I would be the biggest hypocrite in the world if I posted it on my blog!



Jenny 9:21 PM  

Ooo, Anita...that would have me majorly TICKED. You sound like you handled it nicer than I would have. I would have DEMANDED that the link be taken down and that she stop immediately passing out the pictures because he wasn't an orphan then, he was legally yours!

I hope you get a decent resolution!

Ericka 5:12 AM  

That would bug the cr*p out of me too.
What the heck?
I second Jenny on the resolution......

mary grace 10:47 AM  

Egads! I think a nice, legal-looking snail mail letter (sent via certified mail) requesting that the sale of such image be discontinued might be enough to seal the deal.

I'd clearly point out the legal implications, but not threaten.

You want to appeal to better judgement, not make an enemy.

But I'd pursue it. You can count on that!

Rachel 4:33 PM  

Yeah, I'd be pretty ticked too. Hopefully this person will do the right thing and respect your request. I don't know what I'd do if that happened to me. I'd definitely be upset.

whenpigsfly 8:49 PM  

In agreement with BEING BUGGED, ticked, angry.... and a bit wigged out as well. Trustfully she will get it OFF her site ASAP, if not sooner, with a big apology for using the photo without checking first...great photo or not!!

Mia's Mommy 11:18 AM  

I've got one for you. I found out that my daughter's photograph was hanging in a gallery in CA. The photos were taken while she was still in the orphanage, but while I was waiting to travel. Then I found out anyone could purchase a copy of the picture off the internet. I was hot-ticked!

But, then after contacting the man, I found I really liked him. He was raising money for my daughter's orphanage. The photos were beautiful and I ended up just letting it go. But, only because of this man's heart and intentions.

Here's an even better one than that though. I was on an adoption agency website that was kind of bizarre and I started reading it. On the site was a disclaimer saying that most the children adopted through them would have special needs because the children had been institutionalized, then they had photos streaming at the bottom of the page. Yeah, there was my daughter, and some of her orphanage mates. And, the kicker, this agency did not adopt from her orphanage. I contacted all the parents whose children were pictured on that link and we got hold of the agency and demanded our children be taken down. They never replied to us, but the took the photos down.

Oh, and here's another one. Nicole over at Raisinganimals.com found her adoption video on some bookstore site with her and my kid in it and the guy was trying to pass her video off as his!

Holly 12:56 PM  

That is super UNACCEPTABLE!
I would like to assume that the artist had no idea, but now that she does, she should stop immediately and yes, I think she should send you one along with a huge apology!
Your kids are BEAUTIFUL! Loved the birthday cake with twinkies! My youngest son likes girlie stuff too right now...I think he'll outgrow it (?)!
Please stop over at my blog and read about my amazing friend who is adopting a sibling group of 5- yes FIVE to make a total of 12 kiddos in her home. I am hoping to see the adoptive community rally behind her and her husband and pitch in wherever possible to bless them as they step out in faith trusting that God will supply their needs!
Blessings to you and yours,