Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I love you, my Democrat Friends...

but this video sealed the deal for me. Or rather not this video, but this issue. I heard a testimony from a 17 year old girl who survived a late term abortion this weekend (and was later adopted). Pro-Choice isn't a deal breaker for me. I know how I feel about that issue but it isn't the only issue that counts in my mind. Leaving babies to die (or strangling them after they are born alive) after a failed abortion is a much bigger deal. So I guess I'll ignore the issues I have with McCain/Palin (because they aren't perfect either in my mind). I can't vote for Obama after learning his record on failed abortions (i.e. babies born alive!).

Okay, that's it! My one and only political post! Let's not comment on this one friends. I know most people are much more polarized on this campaign than I am. I just needed to share this one post on the subject. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!



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