Monday, October 13, 2008

7 Random Things

Okay, I've been tagged TWICE in the last day on this (Erin and Chanda!), so I guess I better suck it up and try to think of 7 random things about myself. Let me tell you, that is a tall order because I think I'm about as open as I can be on this blog!

1. Anybody who has seen me knows I am NOT a thin person. But I was a thin person until my sophomore year at university (120 pounds). I had my wisdom teeth cut out at that time, and had a horrible reaction to it. Over a period of 8 weeks my mouth kept getting tighter and tighter until I could barely get a straw in it. I was blending my food (even pizza!) for nourishment. I got down to around 9o pounds. After they finally did something about the infection all over my body and I could eat again, my body stored my calories as fat (went into starvation mode). I gained like 85 pounds in 6 months. Since then I've always struggled with my weight and the lowest I've gotten is 145.

2. When I was about 11 years old I was hiking in the pastures behind my daddy's house and saw a cougar! In Oklahoma! I thought I remember seeing on TV that you were supposed to freeze in that sort of situation, so that's what I did. For about a minute. Then I ran as fast as I could back home without looking back, thinking at any moment I was going to be pounced on! I was so hurt that nobody believed me. After all, there aren't too many cougars hanging around in OK pastures. But I knew what I saw. It was confirmed later that night on the news when they said that a local wild animal rescue had a cougar escape. They were about 2 miles away from my daddy's house!

3. In High School I served as a cheerleader and the band drum major--at the same time. For three years I was just in the band, but during my senior year I wanted to cheer again, so I tried out and made it. That was a busy football season, changing uniforms throughout the games to take part in both activities.

4. When I was a freshman in college I had a huge crush on an army guy. To prove to him how fearless I was I went skydiving with him. No I did NOT like it. No I do NOT ever want to do it again! Plus, the little plane made me throw up!

5. I don't know how weird or random this is, but I remember my dreams every night. I usually remember at least 2 dreams, sometimes more like 4 or 5. Also sometimes have dreams that feel "different" and then come true (especially about the adoptive families I work with, or friends who are adopting).

6. In high school I had a serious relationship with a guy who was short, played the saxophone, and was a Type I Diabetic. After over a year, I learned more about the future of some Type I Diabetics (kidney failure, blindness, etc.) and broke it off with him because of my fear. Six years later I married a DIFFERENT guy who was short, played the saxophone, and was a Type I Diabetic--WITH said diabetic complications (blindness and kidney failure). Go figure! When you love him, you love him!

7. I had the same boyfriend from 5th to 10th grade. Everybody in our church really thought we would get married some day. We didn't kiss until 9th grade.

And one to grow on... I take Ambien for severe insomnia. Ambien is a SERIOUS sleep aid. It makes me do crazy things that I don't remember after it "hits." I eat and find the evidence the next morning. The funniest thing I ever did was decide that it would be fun to type whatever came to my mind (while under the influence of Ambien). I didn't remember that I had done it the next morning, but awoke to find the following on my computer screen:

Cirbm adoption; bear; circles, rollin circles; jakes me fall to sleep; skinny girls, coming to take you;tip of a tail; pounding the door; gkack. Everfybody wearing black,nodding. I think noeein iwn't a good wi

Let me translate: crib; adoption; bear; circles; rolling circles; makes me fall to sleep; skinny girls; coming to take you; tip of a tail; pounding the door; knock; everybody wearing black, nodding; I think knowing isn't a good....thing???? LOL!

If you haven't already been tagged, consider yourself tagged!


Heather A. 12:08 PM  

Good stuff! It's too weird about you dating a guy with type 1 before you met Eric. Before I met Nathan, I dated a guy for a few months that had had two brain tumor operations. I decided that I couldn't deal with all of the stuff that comes with a brain tumor, like not having insurance, seizures and a shortend life expectancy. I think it was God preparing us for the right guy so that it wasn't as scary when the time came.