Monday, October 13, 2008

Help us Feed 100 Children for 1 Year

Our family has made a comittment to help provide the most basic care humans can provide for one another--food. We have made a comittment not to give less during this time of financial crisis in America, but rather to GIVE MORE. Not the same. MORE. We challenge you to partner with us to feed starving children in this world.

Some time ago a friend of mine told me about an organization called Feed My Starving Children. This organization buys food, puts it together into a nutritional packet meal (just add water) and then distributes the food to children in over 50 countries in the world.

For TWO DOLLARS you can put food into the mouths of 12 children. For TEN DOLLARS you can feed 60 children. This program works by feeding children one nutritionally complete meal per day--enough to survive. It's not fancy. It's doesn't have a catchy name. It's basic. It's food.

Our family has made a pledge to help gather enough funds to feed 100 children for one year. That's 36,500 meals. That is roughly 5400 pounds of food. One meal costs only 17 cents.

We want to invite you to join with us in this effort. How many meals can you provide at .17 each? We want to challenge you to give 12 meals. That's just $2. And we'd like you to ask atleast two other people to also give 12 meals. That's all. It's that simple. Ask 2 for $2.

I am adding a "Donate" button to the side of my blog. Each month, at the end of the month, I will post how many meals were provided and together we will count up to 36,500 meals! I know it will take us a LONG time to reach our goal if it is just the Gillispie family. But if we (the community) work together, we can reach this goal much more quickly!! Either way, our family is comitted to raising this money.

Ways to come up with $2 (or more)....

  1. Buy two less 2 liters of soda each week.
  2. Skip one trip to Starbucks or McDonald's for coffee.
  3. Use 1/2 as much detergent on your laundry (you don't really NEED that amount for clothes to be much cleaner than the developing world's laundry!)
  4. Us 1/2 a pound of hamburger meat for that casserole, rather than 1 pound.
  5. Go to a cheaper brand of dog food.
  6. Burn 4 less tealight candles this week.
  7. Make brownies from scratch rather than buying that Brownie Mix.
  8. Watch a movie on TV, rather than renting one.
  9. Use towels as napkins, rather than paper napkins or paper towels.
  10. Eat a "remember the hungry" meal once a week--plain rice with salt and maybe a bit of butter.


P.S. When you challenge 2 to give $2, consider adding to the list of ways to find $2 to the budget and pass the list on!


livingpurereligion 5:35 PM  

Hi! I came across your blog while researching about adoptions in Ghana. We have been in contact with Life's Vision and they seem great! I would like to have an adoptive parent's take on the process in Ghana and working with Life's Vision. Could you email me at ckboone at hotmail dot com? Thanks so much!

Zimmerman family 10:13 PM  

Awesome Idea Anita! Your family is incredible!! I am forwarding on your blog to a bunch of people and hopefully we will see something happen.

Hilda :)

Ericka 5:47 AM  

Check out my blog....
It's all about FMSC!
It is an AWESOME org.

Amalama 10:27 AM  


I hope you don't mind, but I posted about your project on my blog and provided a link. :) What a wonderful project to take on. Look for our donation soon. I am giving each of the kids a chance to earn some money to donate. :)

God bless you friend!
Amy Fabu

A. Gillispie 10:51 AM  

Fabu, Yea! Yes!!! I'd LOVE for folks to post about this on their blog!!! Even if they don't donate to our specific effort, I would love the word to be spread about Feed Our Starving Children!!!

Laurel 12:43 AM  

That's an awesome idea! I'll be excited to see how the "community" responds.