Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We're doing it!

Thank you to all of you who have contributed $2 (or more!) to help feed hungry children! We've already fed 1 child for an entire year. Only 99 more to go! 429 meals have been donated. Wow.

Does it mean you're talking about hungry children too much if your children play "Feed the hungry children" after dinner (pretending to sell stuff where the money goes to buy meals)?! LOL! It was very sweet, and my three kids have bought 9 meals for real, after they volunteered their combined $1.53.

**IMPORTANT REQUEST: I just learned that if you give by credit card we are charged .30 per transaction, plus 2.9%. So for instance, for a $10 that means we have about .60 in fees--or over 3 meals lost! If you decide to donate and can do it by paypal in a form other than credit card, that would be great! If not, we understand and will donate the "lost" funds back into the account with our own money. **

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Someone asked if they could send a check rather than doing PayPal. Of course!!! Write to me at and I will send you our address!**



Amalama 9:27 PM  

After reading this I am just SO happy! And I'm glad I read before we donated- I am sending you 2 checks... one from Chester and me, the other from our kids.

I am SO proud of them. We visited the Feed My Starving Children site after going to your blog to read about the project and watched videos. They were so moved. Luke insisted on donating ALL of the birthday money he has left, Ellen gave the entire $5 she was given as a gift, and Elizabeth gave her tooth fairy money and 1 week's allowance. They have all committed to continuing to give a part of their allowance every month. I didn't ask them to do that, but they each decided on their own that they wanted to help in an ongoing way.

I love this project and want to thank you for reminding us that while times might be leaner, we still all have room to give. :)

Amy Fabu