Monday, October 06, 2008

Bright's First Day of School

**First, thank you to all of you who commented on my last post, privately and publicly. How could I not feel better today, after such kind words?**
Today was Bright's first day of school! Saturday was his 3rd birthday and so he got to start "school" at our neighborhood elementary today--1/2 day, 5 days a week. Bright qualifies as developmentally disabled and this is a service offered to children like him. I don't really have worries about him long-term but it will be good for him.
When our other two were his age they were either home with me or at preschool 2 days a week while I worked there. I would have NEVER considered this for them. But Bright's situation is different. The other two had each other to play with all day, and I had more time to "just" be mom and do fun and educational activities with them. On the other hand, Bright is at home with no other kids all day and I am working pretty much full time.

He was so cute and so excited for school today! One of the services they offer is curbside pickup on a bus--they have carseats on the bus! He was SO excited to ride the bus! Well...until the bus got here--then he wasn't so sure! He didn't cry but he was none to pleased when he was strapped in and saw me stepping off of the bus.
It was a quiet afternoon at home without him, but it will be good to have time to myself a few hours a day (school is 3 hours). Today the big kids beat Bright's bus home (they walk) and were thrilled and excited to see baby brother riding on the bus!
When they unhooked Bright from his seat on the bus he RAN to me and clung on for dear life. It's nice to feel loved! I asked him what he did at school today and what I got is "Cheeseburger!" over and over and over again. LOL! The kids eat school at lunch and today must have been cheesburger day. That was the highlight of Bright's day!

His teacher (everybody tells me) is the best DD teacher in Tulsa. I got a note home today that said, "What a sweet boy. He ate well. Used the bathroom. Followed directions. Did not hit (I know you had some worries). It was a great day!"
I have one tired little boy (school takes place during his usual nap time), but over all it seems that school was a huge success!



Bingaling 3:11 PM  

Gosh - I can't believe how "grown-up" he looks! Where did that baby go?!?!

Robin Dodd Photography 5:02 PM  

What a cutie!! How brave of him to take the bus!! So sweet...

wendi722 8:27 PM  
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Ericka 3:03 PM  

What a big boy!!!! So proud of him :)
What a beautiful testament A, it's been amazing to watch his development.....
Go B!!!!!

Story of our Life 6:46 PM  

Sigh...okay my dear...this is the deal!! I'm seriuosly behind on blog reading because well..I am.

Two years ago this month YOUR BLOG was the VERY FIRST blog I EVER read!!! EVER!! I was computer, chatty friendly. Just not blog friendly.

Your blog was the FIRST blog that I read on international adoption. WAY before I even discussed 'thinking' about it w/my sweet husband.

What did I see on that blog that beautiful day...

A very tiny, sick, baby boy.

Tonight...I come catch up on your world and what do I see...

Your BABY goes to school! OMGosh!!

Will you think I'm really weird if I say I was fighting back 'moommy' tears thinking of how far this lil guy has come.


Way to go Bright!!

*and momma, too*

love Gala

A. Gillispie 3:26 PM  

Ahhh...Gala you're so sweet!!! Yep, "our" baby is growing up! That's so funny that mine was the first blog you read AND that you remember that! I have no idea which blog was the first I read.

BTW, I have kept the jeans that you bought for Bright as a keepsake for he knows that he was even loved by people who have never met him in person!