Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Because I don't want to think about anything serious....

I haven't posted an update on Kilo (aka Kiki) lately. She's about 4 months old now and weighs about 35 pounds. She never did have problems potty training (total of three accidents). We are just very thankful for her. Here she is in her "rest station." She loves her basket of toys, blanket, and pillow!
Having both a puppy and kitten is interesting. I wouldn't say they are best buds, but they do enjoy picking on each other. Our cat pretty much thinks she is a dog and enjoys running ahead of kiki to capture the ball when I throw it. She has also recently taken to sleeping on Kiki's bed. I swear this cat just does things because she knows it will bug the dog! Today Kilo paid her back by putting her butt right in the cat's face as she lay on her pillow!
On rough days it's so nice to go outside and just experience nature. Eric and I are NOT gardeners and have in fact let one side of our back yard run wild the last few years. It's fun to see the various vegetation come up unencumbered throughout the year. It sort of reminds me of the overgrown Secret Garden--all wild and unkempt and beautiful in its own way. Today I looked over there to discover that we have a whole bunch of yellow wild flowers blooming again. I had to pick some to enjoy inside as well.


Bonky's Mom 9:42 PM  

She is CUTE!