Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Good Mom Day

Do you ever have a day that, as a wife and mother, you feel like you did a good job? Those days are too few and far between, but I had one today. I was batting a thousand! And it doesn't make me feel good for myself, but rather just makes me fall that much more in love with my family--to know that I served them well today.

First, I went to Wal-Mart and found very inexpensive shoes for my daughter who hates tennis shoes but cannot wear sandals on gym days. Enter the tennis-shoe soled slip on. "Thank you mommy! These are the best and I can wear them any day I want!!"

Second I score the perfect solution to an ongoing problem since Bright moved into his own room (a few weeks ago).

I (sheepishly) admit that Bright had been sleeping in one of those tiny portacribs since he got home last June. Whenever we tried having him sleep in his twin bed he would get up and disturb Samren to the point that he was losing serious sleep. So back in the portacrib he went. Somehow he never figured out he could get out of there. Well, we changed rooms around a few weeks ago and Bright now has his own big boy room and we put up his own big boy twin bed. He loves it! But not enough to stay in it. Urgh! It started out just getting out of bed to go and bother brother and sister in the next room (over and over and over again). But last night in the middle of the night Bright walked into our room with arms full of food from the pantry--chowing down! That was scary. Who knows what else he could have gotten in to?

So today Eric and I talked about all of the options. A bed "tent"? A lock on the outside of the door? Yuck--that didn't see like something DHS would like! But what? THEN I remembered the childproof door knob thingies! For a buck-fifty my child is safe and secure in his own room. Score #2 for the day!

Next was Target to pick up a shelf my mom bought for Bright's room. But while there I found the perfect curtains for our sliding glass doors, at a great price. This is my new thing. I "home" now. I want to settle into our home. And for the first time in my married life I am putting up curtains! My mom bought some for our room over the weekend and now I'm curtain hungry.

Once home I make our home look homier by placing my pretty but oh-so-inexpensive curtains on the door. Then I put together the shelf for Bright's room. Ding! Ding!

I also got the laundry done. Ding! Helped with homework. Ding! Picked wild flowers as home decor. Ding! Laid out the kids clothes for tomorrow. Ding! And made use of my rotting bananas by making yummy banana bread with chocolate chip surprise! Ding, ding, ding!!!

Ha! It's just fun to feel domestic. It's fun to DO something that serves my family rather than my self (my job, my interests, etc.). I know it should be more like this every day, but it's not like that yet in my family. We're mostly sloppy haphazard unorganized Gillispies that somehow piece things together long enough to make it to the next day!