Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, I'm back into my Fall/Winter obsession again--crocheting! I started crochet when we were waiting for Bright as a way to keep my hands busy and my pocketbook full. If I was making something for him, I was so tempted to go out and buy something for him!

As the whether started to turn cooler again I could feel my hands begin to ache for that beautiful repetitive motion. I wanted to feel the yarn in my hands, the weight of afghans on my legs as I create them.
I've begun 2 afghans as Christmas gifts, and 1 for our own family (autumn colors). I also want to make some more dishrags. I made a few last year and they are the BEST rags for scraping stuff off of the counters and stove! Last year I was a hat-making maniac, but I think my family is totally set this year so I'll probably stick with afghans and dishrags.
If you've never crocheted, consider giving it a try! It's such an inexpensive hobby. And if you run out of people to give afghans to, there are always charities that would love to have them. Actually, once I get through with my current 3 projects I plan to make some afghans to give to the homeless community that lives around us. We've got a group of folks that live around our area that I've come to recognize over the years as permanent fixtures (sadly enough).
P.S. We are feeding some kids friends!!! Eric and I are just so humbled at the donations that have come in. It was fun to open the mail today and find hundreds of meals donated!!


sue 10:11 PM  


I would love to learn how to crochet. I really like the items you made.

I think I will try to find a crocheting class.

Two of my kids are currently taking a quilting class, but that does not interest me.


Heather A. 6:29 AM  

Wow, Anita, you're really good! I never learned to do anything like sewing, crochet or quilting, but I'd love too. I love Taevys little top, so dainty and pretty, love the colors that you chose.

Robin Dodd Photography 6:51 PM  

I need a hat!!!!!!!!! I need to learn this... I need to learn to knit too.... LOVE THE HATS! Can you make us 5!!??? hahaha!! This is such a great idea with the economy being what it is..making things and they are so beautiful!!

A. Gillispie 7:50 PM  

You should really go for it Robin! There are lots of step by step instructions online to get you started. I have always wanted to know how to do it but since I'm left handed it was really difficult. Finally my MIL was able to teach me (she is an expert seamstress and crochet-artist). The neat thing is that once you have the basics down you can just go crazy creating your own things without a pattern. I made the bag in my post without any pattern whatsoever.

Momto13 12:18 PM  

I need to learn.
Love ya!

chicknboy 9:42 PM  

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