Sunday, October 26, 2008

Old Fogey

Yes I am. I really am. I've got evidence.

First, I'm sitting here in my rocker recliner when I should be getting ready for church. Not only in my rocker recliner, but also with a heating pad! Does it get more old lady than that? The only slightly "cool" thing I can say about our rocker recliner is that at least it's leather rather than a floral pattern.

Second, my body feels like an old lady. Last week I had to leave church services early because of the pain I was in. This week I'm in too much pain to even attept to sit in the band room chairs we use. Eric said I should take a pillow but I can't make myself do that! I hate this stupid "pain disorder"--whatever it is. I'm used to living with pain every day and it being my "normal" but bad days really stink. I don't want to have this old fogey pain-filled body. Lord, please just heal me.

Finally, (I'm GLAD to say) I've got an old fogey attitude about some of the new movies coming out these days. I admit that Eric and I used to rent some of those sophomoric comedy movies and used to enjoy some of them. On Friday I was in a weird mood and rented one of those movies. Eric and I lasted about 10 minutes before we couldn't take it any more. This DVD came with a "rated" and "unrated" version. We watched the rated version, but even it was WAY too much for us! After 10 minutes of constant cursing, nudity, and just grossness, we turned it off. I can't imagine what would have been in the unrated version! What did we used to get out of watching that trash? Please just give me repeats of Little House on the Prairie or a new movie on the Hallmark channel! I'm glad I've turned into an Old Fogey where the "entertainment" is concerned.

So...for now I will sit in my rocker recliner with my heating pad and crochet my little afghans. Hmm...a mug of hot cocoa sounds nice. I am 32 years old!



mary grace 12:48 PM  

If not watching blockbusters makes you a fogey, you'd better scoot over in that chair, dear. I disdain most movies that I see on the shelves of our local rental shop. Why on earth would I PAY to watch horrific crimes, hear detestable language and leer at someone else's husband's nude bum?

"Honey, want to play Scrabble again tonight?"


Heather A. 12:08 PM  

I'm so with you on this! Nathan and I just don't "get" humor these days. Several years ago we tried watching The 40 year old v. and I felt ill after watching it! When did gross, degrading, belitteling comments turn into comedy?

Praying that the pain gets better this week so you feel more yourself.


Momto13 11:19 PM  

Praying for you friend.