Friday, October 31, 2008


So, I've been a mom for 8 years now. And tonight was the first night that my kids have ever done normal Halloween stuff. I have a big issue with this holiday. I just don't like it. I don't like the scary stuff; I don't like that satanists come out of the shadow and do stuff; I don't like that I have to hide my cats.

In the past we have shut our door, made sure the porch light wasn't on, and tried to block this day out. Then last year I eased up enough to go to Eric's parents' church Fall Festival. The kids dressed up in friendly costumes and had a great time playing carnival game.

It's funny how as my parenting "career" goes on I seem to get more laid back about certain things. Taevy didn't eat processed sugar for her first year. I used to be EXTREMELY conservative with the movies the kids watched (I'm talking, Bambi was off limits). I've loosened up a lot on that stuff. And now I've chilled out about this day too.
The kids dressed up (never anything scary); we went to Blockbuster to get free kids' rentals; we went to a church "Trunk or Treat"; we made a visit to a few neighbors and the grandparents; and then did what I thought I'd NEVER allow my kids to do. We went trick-or-treating! Just a few houses with their grandma, but still... And you know what? I have to admit that it was a fun night. I will never *like* this holiday. I don't know if we'll ever "do" Halloween again. But it was fun this year. =-)

[Oh! This cracked me up so I wanted to share. Halloween is normally chilly here in OK, so I bought Bright a brown turtleneck to wear under his Lion costume. It turned out to be about 80 degrees here today! The cool thing about having a dark brown kid is that he can just go sleeveless if he happens to be a lion on Halloween! LOL!]
Anita...who is now off to eat some candy!


Sarah 9:48 PM  

The kids looks so cute in their customes! We do Halloween differently, too. Nothing scary. Just fun dressing up, Harvest parties, and visiting relatives.

Laurel 12:38 AM  

I just thought it funny that this was another area of ... flip-flop. Life is so like that ... some days we can stand up and shout for or against something, but then we learn something new or see something differently, and ... hmmm ... maybe I wasn't so sure after all.

I so enjoy your honest posts, even though they are about things that you KNOW others will disagree with.

mama of 13 - who does NOT celebrate Halloween, but does not judge those who do.

A. Gillispie 2:23 PM  

Thanks for being respectful Laurel.

Story of our Life 3:37 PM  

Cute costumes. I dislike Halloween also. I was not raised in a home where my parents liked it either. I only "enjoy" it for my kids..

We have strict rules of no masks, no blood and gore in our house. Other than that...I just try to make it fun.

Your kids looked great btw!!

Momto13 4:18 PM  

Well I happen to like Halloween. I was Mrs. Duggar (you know- the lady with the 17- almost 18 kids who makes tater tot casserole and whose husband's name is Jim Bob?)
(Seriously- I did dress up my kids were very embarrassed!)

For my family it's about tradition. We bring together family and friends, cook great home made pizza, and spend time together dressing up, being silly, eating way more candy than anyone ever should, and enjoying the kids faces when people delight at their costumes, or they have "big" candy bars. We are making memories.

I realize its not for everyone and that's ok too. :)