Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Several years ago as I drove around my 1998 Ford Windstar van I decided I should fill up. But my word! The gas was ALL THE WAY UP TO $1.89 a gallon! Well, I told myself, "I am just going to wait until the prices go back down. This is rediculous!"

I never forgot about that day, wishing that someday it would get back DOWN to the price that I thought was so high!

Several years later, the gas is down to $1.89 a gallon again! LOL! I cannot TELL you the JOY I felt filling up this morning! LOL!



Nadia 4:51 PM  

ugh,I wish!! I live in alberta canada..we have TONS of oil. our gas is currently 93.5 a litre..which equals about 3.50 a gallon..sick. we have been excited about the lower prices because it's been over 1.40 a litre which is more than 5.20 a gallon..

Heather A. 5:28 PM  

Too funny! I was pretty excited myself to fill up at $1.97, but I'm still pining for those days of .89 cents when I FIRST started driving a car. *sigh* Now that's dreaming!

Rebecca 8:24 PM  

We are still at 2.54 a gallon in NC. My husband won't believe it when I tell him.
Time for a road trip with that price... but I guess that would defeat the purpose.

Laurel 11:15 PM  

I was excited to see today's prices down to $2.17. But ... I seriously wonder what tomorrow will bring.

We have refineries just 20 minutes from our house, but this summer's prices got up to $3.60. So, $2.17 looks good to me. Hope it stays down for our road trip to Oregon for Thanksgiving.


Kristin Jag 4:39 PM  

Wow! I am going to get gas after work today-hope I can get it under $2! I haven't checked the price here the last day or two.

Rachel 5:01 PM  

Wow, really? I filled up here in Texas at $2.06 a gallon today and thought that was great. I am so thakful to see the prices going down. One benefit to the poor economy!

Zimmerman family 10:45 PM  

I too am so excited about the price of gas. I was wondering how we were going to pay for Victoria to go to preschool too since Anni is also going so it is $220 a month. But, low and behold the gas is down and we are saving almost enough for her whole tuition. God is good!!

SugarHouse Mama 6:16 PM  

What?!?!? Where do all you people live? Our gas is still $2.49 and we are usually cheaper than everywhere else. Crappy.

A. Gillispie 11:02 PM  

We're in Tulsa, OK and now our gas is down to $1.75 now! I'm telling you, I want to buy extra and store it for later!!!

Doug and Terrye 2:37 PM  

It's funny how time gives us perspective :)

Terrye in FL