Monday, November 03, 2008

Is it tomorrow yet?

I'm betting I'm not the only one that wishes it was tomorrow already! I am honestly so ready to know who our next president will be. I look forward to getting on with the business of supporting my country and my president. I'm tired of thinking about it. My brain hurts! ;-)

Today hasn't been much of a day to brag about either. I'm ready to just go to bed and see everybody in the morning! LOL! I changed doctors and today was my first appointment with him. Still on that never-ending quest to figure out what is going on in this 'ol body of mine. Ironically, my new doctor is the husband of Eric's (and mine) favorite kidney doctor!

Anyway, I spent an hour this morning filling out this huge packet of information to become a new patient. Then I went the extra mile to type up all of my symptoms and issues. Folded them all neatly and then they went into my purse. I mapquested the office location and thought I knew where I was going. The kids hopped into the car and we were off in good time. It's not my favorite thing to take all the kids to an appointment with me, but they are normally pretty good.

We drive, and I learn that I really don't know where in the world I am going! It's getting close to my appointment time and I'm driving around in a sea of medical buildings. Oh! The paperwork! With that, I can call and let them know I'm on the way, and can put the address into the navigation system. Where is the stupid paperwork?! KIDS!!!! ARGH! It only takes 5 minutes for something to magically disappear from the safety of my purse.

So it's 5 minutes after my appointment was supposed to start; I have no paperwork; I have no address and no phone number. And I have waited a month for this appointment! I call Eric and ask him to google it at top speed. He found an address and I started driving while he was trying to find a phone number. Being legally blind doesn't really lend itself to quick google-searching and I got so frustrated with Eric (not that it is his fault). We finally found the place and I walked in 15 minutes late. They said I could keep the appointment. THEN I got to tell them that I had forgotten my paperwork. Talk about a good first impression!

I re-wrote the paperwork in 10 minutes, which tells you how legible it was. Then they called me back. That's when the real fun started. My kids. Oh my kids! I have never had them misbehave so badly during an appointment. It has got to be true that our moods rub off on each other. I was in a horrible stressed out mood by this point and it's like my attitude rubbed right off on to them. They were LOUD. They went back and forth between playing too loud, and fighting too loud. At one point they all three decided to start kicking each other. I mean, really! My kids are not usually like that. But of course when I'm trying to go through my complete medical history with a new doctor the are.

Now all three kids are asleep after having a peanut butter sandwich lunch. They are all under major restriction for at least the rest of the day. That means they have no priviledges (including snacks) and will be doing extra chores. Basically, I will wipe the fun out of the rest of their day in hopes that they will never act that way in a doctor's appointment again.

So...lots of reason to wish it was already tomorrow! Or maybe Wednesday???


Heather A. 3:10 PM  

Oh my gosh Anita!!!! What an icky start to the day. I think a little (or a lot) of frustration is perfectly normal in those situations. But I'm with you. I'm ready for Wednesday, although I must say I'm not really ready to support the president (if the wrong guy is elected!)but the suspense is killing me.

Bingaling 3:40 PM  

I'm so ready for Wednesday, too! Though, I'm with Heather A...if my choice is not elected, I'm going to be feeling pretty yucky on Wednesday.

So sorry you had a rough morning. I've had days like that, too. Our kids are really well behaved most of the time...but there are times when I am totally caught off-guard by their mis-behavior.

Hopefully the rest of your afternoon/evening are peaceful!

Awo 9:27 PM  

Oh no! It sounds like you had what I call a Lord-help-me kind of day.

There will be some hard feelings, but I believe the country (and some friends and family) will come together after the election, whoever wins. After the 2000 election, my husband commented that if this were Ghana (where we're from) there wouldn't have been a court battle over such a hotly contested election, there might have been a coup! So whatever happens on Tuesday, I will be celebrating democracy on Wednesday!

I'll say a prayer for your healing from your health problems. Take care of yourself so you can take care of those lovable kicking kiddos. :)