Sunday, November 02, 2008


But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Please forgive my weekness friends. *I* made the decision to put some of my personal decisions and changings "out there" for the world to see. And then I wasn't able to graciously take the backfire that came with that. I put out a lot of emotional stuff, and then expected others not to feel emotion in return. Please forgive my angry post yesterday. I won't erase it, because this blog is supposed to show the "real" me. And the "real" me is a mess who only shows any sort of good because of the work my Lord ans Savior does in me. He is my soft place to fall. He is my judge and redeemer. It is only because of His grace that forgiveness and acceptance come to my heart.



Story of our Life 8:01 AM  

(((HUGS))) No need to ask for forgivness my dear!!

Anita, I believe very strongly that this is *your* blog and *your* blog only. If others do not like what they read then so be it. That is there problems.

We are all adults. We are all entitled to our own opinions.

I commend you for taking the higher road. I commend you for putting it out there. I, for one, have not been able to express the things that you did in such a way that would make sense.

I have seen both sides of this hole "issue" (as do you) and am greatful that we do live in a country that we have this choice. It is your choice and not anyone else.

As for Halloween. Well, your kids look great!! :-)

Laurel 11:02 AM  

Apology Accepted. :)

Sorry it's been a tough week for you!


Awo 11:09 AM  

Just wanted to give you a hug. Honesty and transparency are not easy for people to deal with, but God can handle it, and that's how we grow!
Take care,

cc 12:29 PM  

Anita, as long as you have conviction behind your opinions, even if it is just that it feels right, which I believe is the voice of God talking to me through my gut...then don't be concerned about others' opinions. The beauty of this country is supposed to be our right to make our own decisions, within the confines of the law.

I say this as a mom who has always taken her cherubs trick-or-treating, who is proudly voting for Barack Obama, and who just happens to be married to a pastor! None of the above make my or your relationship with God any less valid...and BTW, God is neither Republican nor Democrat.


Nina 7:05 PM  


Your opinions and thoughts are yours to own. Own them with pride. I don't believe in calling others on their relationship with God. I am more concerned with making sure my own relationship with God is based on truth of my feelings and beliefs, not on pride and artiface to please other people. God knows your heart is true....It is so hard to feel the judgement of others. Just remember His judgement is the only one that matters in the end.

Jena 7:27 PM  

I hear ya.
Know that there are many of us doing and dealing with the same things(voting and Halloween...)
I actually am making a very similar journey as you- from "I will not ever even acknowledge this evil holiday" to participating in our church's "light the night" effort where we have a festival in one of our church memeners neighborhood and hand out candy, play games and win prizes, and generally try to be a light....
the old me would never have been there and would have judged the Christians that were doing it as participating in a devil-worshipping holiday...
I continue to ask God to change my mind and that if I am not to vote for Obama, I am trusting that He will, b/c I am open and He is God.

Jodie 7:55 AM  


I am right there with you. I have really never felt so beat on as I have during this election for supporting Obama and being a Christian.

At the Foot of the Cross 12:55 PM  

This will all be done within the 36 or so hours most likely.

But I wanted to share this interesting article which looks back in history....this is a view of a 72 year old German Lutheran Christian (lived in Nazi Germany) as he reflects on the concept of collective shame for himself and his country.

I encourage all the readers, at the very least, to read this gentleman's observations before you enter the voting booth tomorrow. (You can skip the comments that his readers make. They will make some of you more defensive.)

I know many of you are Obama supporters and will most likely remain that way (at least for tomorrow), but I haven't seen any comments from this perspective on this particular blog.

I am glad to be in a country that allows for the tremendous freedom we have to engage in public discussion and have varying points of view. But at the same time, having been around for more than 50 years, I am finally realizing there are absolutes which exist regardless of my beliefs and my opinions on some issues are irrelevant.

I think we suffer from a horrible case of relativism and very few absolutes in our society all in the name of tolerance and political correctness. For some reason, too many people say that if you believe something strongly enough that makes your belief true -- that can be very dangerous -- take 911 for example.

I find that my feelings and emotions are not always trustworthy being the sinful person that I am.

So after writing at least a half dozen comments over the last couple of days and then erasing them, I'm feeling that I can't erase this time -- time has run out.

A Sister in Christ,

Mary Ellyn
Simu iustus et Peccator (saint and sinner at the same time)

P.S. It would be interesting to take a poll so find out how people people are informed.....

And Anita -- you are one brave little sister to post on a hot political issue. We could have a field day with the embryonic stem cell issue in Michigan!

Fortunately for all the readers on your blog who know Christ we are cloaked in righteousness through Jesus Christ! I take great comfort in that assurance.

sdd 12:57 PM  

I very much admire your work that you do in Ghana, and also the fact that you've adopted 3 children. It's a very hands-on way to spread the "culture of life" in this world so full of pain and violence. So it did come as a surprise after you posted Obama's speech before Planned Parenthood and voiced your pro-life views, that you were voting for him. If you are going to post about some empassioned topics, you do have to expect that people are going to respond. We just hope they do so charitably. I would urge you to check out more on what Obama has promised to do if elected, particularly in regard to the Freedom of Choice Act--it strikes down EVERY single restraint that various states and our country have on abortion. Also, there really can't be anything more important than defending totally innocent human life in the womb--it is more important than taxes, insurance, the economy, etc. A country that does not protect it most vulnerable citizens through its laws is morally lacking in a big way. Obama has been rated the MOST liberal senator of all, quite an accomplishment in just two short years. Please pray about this some more before you vote. God bless.

A. Gillispie 1:04 PM  

SDD, I don't believe I've ever posted reference to any of Obama's speeches. Maybe you are thinking of another commenter?

There is no question that I am a conficted voter. I don't see either candidate as perfect. And I agree with you that some issues are more important than others. Human life is the highest issue in my book too--I have just redirected my thoughts to include human life from "womb to tomb". When I do that, the candidate I will vote for changes.

God bless,

sdd 1:37 PM  


Look back at your Sept. 28th post--there's a short video clip of Obama at a PP event. The clip talked about how he voted against the Born Alive Protection Act--that babies born despite a failed abortion did not deserve medical attention, that they should be left to suffer and die.

I agree, there is no perfect candidate, but McCain is better on life issues. I think Christians than have a moral obligation to limit the evil that would be done by a particular candidate, by voting for the other guy. Or another option is to at least not vote for evil itself, though that in effect will just get Obama elected tomorrow. Again, God's blessings!

Awo 1:50 PM  

I just wanted to say that I am one of the Obama supporters and that I did read the article at the foot of the cross cited. I also read the comments, and I don't feel defensive at all. I am at peace with my decision and am 100% convinced that I am voting as God would have me to vote.

I agree with the premise of the article. Of course there are absolutes. Thou shalt not kill is definitely an absolute. But, I think we diverge when we apply the absolute to different situations. For example, I believe the absolute prohibition against killing applies to war without just cause, polluting the environment for economic gain, the unjust application of the death penalty, and to other issues in addition to abortion.

I guess it's possible to share the same values and still disagree. It seems the the question for us as Christians is "How do we relate to one another when we disagree?"

A. Gillispie 1:56 PM  

"I guess it's possible to share the same values and still disagree. It seems the the question for us as Christians is "How do we relate to one another when we disagree?""

Awo, I think you just said it ALL! Amen!

sarah 10:38 PM  

It only matters what God thinks of you. . .and you know that already. He died for you!!

He would do it again (and for all the other trick-or-treaters and Obama supporters!!!!)!

It's very true.