Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bright in Salmon

Bright pulled another fast one on us tonight and pulled Taevy's tunic top over his head before we caught him. He was *SO* excited to twirl in his "dress!" LOL! Seriously, he threw a huge fit when we took it off of him before his bath. When I got out the camera and told him to say "cheese" these were his natural poses. Is he not such a cute boy?! These are definitely black male shots for when he's older!


Jen 11:18 PM  

Salmon is such a fabulous color for Bright! I love it on Selina too! Too funny and yes, it will be perfect for blackmail or in his wedding video or sideshow!! I have a pic of Kyle in Catey's leotard that I am saving for the right time!!

Heather A. 4:54 PM  

It really is a good color for him! I think any bright color looks fabulous against dark skin. Orange, Turquios, hot pink. They all look good.