Monday, December 08, 2008

Blessed, and Proud of Hubby

You's really hard for me to admit when I DON'T make the right choices. Those of you who really know me are going, "What? No! Not you Anita!" LOL!

I love Christmas time. I admit it. I LOVE buying gifts. I'd buy gifts for everybody I know if I could! It's not that I get caught up in wanting things for myself, but I DO get caught up in wanting things for others. I want to bless my family and friends.

Well...I did a little too much "blessing" the weekend after Thanksgiving and did so without actually looking at the checking account. Oops. So last week we "blessed" the bank with 13 overdraft fees at $26 a pop. OUCH!

Just to give you an idea of how much that hurt...we LITERALLY bought Raman noodles and mac and cheese to eat this entire week at home. Oh--and eggs and a loaf of bread. And we used a gift card to get that! LOL! But hey--for that we are thankful!

Eric called from work today and sounded a bit odd. He said, "Just a second, I'm walking out the door." I about had a heart attack thinking he was saying he got his "walking papers" and had been fired. Nope. He was just going out for privacy. Turns out, my hubby's company showed their appreciate for him today by giving him a special service award! The folks at HR wrote a glowing review of his work on a certain project, and the company wanted to recognize his efforts.

The recognition in and of itself is very special, because my hubby does a lot for his work, and sometimes feels that he is undervalued. But this wasn't just a "pat on the back" award. They blessed my husband with a monetary bonus as well! Isn't God so good?! Here we are eating Raman noodles and hoping the gas lasts a while, when the Lord blesses us with a check that will fully take care of our family this week! Not too big. Not too small. Just enough.

I just never grow tired of seeing how the Lord provides. Especially when we don't deserve it. I'm the one that messed up and wasn't a good steward of our money. But He forgave and even went above that--He even BLESSED us. What a mighty God we serve...



Heather A. 10:48 PM  

How very cool! Very uplifting to me tonight. Thanks for that!

Laurel 11:23 PM  

AWESOME story! Thanks for sharing!

By the way ... my hubby doesn't go to parties for the prizes he might get ... my hubby goes to parties for the FOOD (not the best reason, but at least this way I get him to go with me).

:) :) :)

mary grace 1:11 PM  

The Lord is certainly in the business of doling out the blessings this season, isn't he? :-)

In His Dust 12:50 AM  

Isn't He awesome! The tears were coming! This story is all too familier!=)

In His Dust 12:51 AM  

Or familiar, whatever!

Deborah 11:26 PM  

I loved this post!!
I came by to "visit" and say "hey!" I will be checking out the homemade caramel, too. I have a caramel lover in my house :) I have NEVER heard of home made caramel!! We chocolate coat everything at Christmas, too. Sometimes I think you and I are birds of a feather. I, too, have blessed my bank with fees that help pay their salary. Never mean too :( Ouch. I'm so happy that the Lord blessed you. My husband hasn't gotten bonuses in years, but now when we are adopting, he has gotten three!! God is soooo awesome.