Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Help! Ghanaian-appopriate Wedding Attire!

So...I will be attending the wedding of a friend while in Ghana in February. I've been told (by those that know) that my current Ghanaian outfits don't really make the cut for a wedding. And I won't have time to have one made once I'm in Ghana. So I'm desperately seeking an authentic Ghanaian/West Africa skirt/shirt set that is less than a TON of money and I can buy from here in America. I'm telling you, it is hard to find anything less than $100 online--amazing when you consider how much less things cost if made in Ghana. So if you have an "in" somewhere please let me know!



Laurel 2:07 AM  

I have one you might like to borrow. I just sent you an email with pics.

:) :) :)

sue 8:45 AM  


Why don't you send your measurements to Muna and she cuold have a dress made for you?