Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holly and Candy Canes

So it was another afternoon full of baking and making. Today we made two cookies from First up...

This looked like a neat and different cookie to make. The recipe worked out pretty much like they said, except my dough had to be chilled a bit before it was workable, and my cookies were much fatter than theirs even though I carefully measured TBSPN and 3 inches. Oh well! The dough tastes YUMMY because of the cream cheese. This might be a keeper recipe. Here are our cookies.

Second up...

No-Bake Holly Cookies (their picture)

These are basically just a Rice Krispie Treat with corn flakes and green food coloring. But I thought it was a pretty cute idea. The recipe was super easy and quick. The kids were able to help more than with the candy cane cookies above. My cookies turned out MUCH greener than theirs. Not sure why--I used the right amount of food coloring. We used marachino cherries rather than red hots because...well...we like cherries! Takes a bit away from the "holly" look but they are still pretty cute. Next time I will make these at least twice as big, and double or triple the recipe--doesn't make a lot. Here is our version.