Saturday, January 03, 2009

Boring Post Warning: Productive Day

Don't productive days feel awesome? I'm mean..on any given Saturday what myself WANTS to do is sit around, watch the boob tube, eat too much food, and take a long nap after getting up late to begin with. But I've got a fire under me right now. I'm leaving for Ghana in a few weeks and I have this weird desire to have this place ship-shape before I leave!

We had a wonderfully beautiful 77 degree day here in Oklahoma. [Don't feel too jealous....cold front moved in and we're in the 30's now.] First thing, we got out in the backyard and lined the fence with heavy cement pavers in hopes that KiKi the wonder dog won't do her "tricks" while I'm in Ghana. Our neighbors don't appreciate her tricks, which she showed off while we were away one weekend during Christmas season. [Please don't worry--she has a doggy door to get inside our heated garage and all the food/water and warmth she needs. She just gets lonely and wants to visit her neighbors!]

So, we wore ourselves out with some good honest heavy labor to start the day. And hopefully Kiki will stay "home" while I'm in Ghana! [Again--don't worry. The kids and grandma come every day to feed/water and play with her. Not ideal, but the best we can do.]

After getting our hands dirty (literally!) we decided to hit the 'ol garage. Oh my goodness if you knew how our garage lives each day you would feel sad for it! It is so dirty and cluttered and disorganized. All manner of trash finds its way out there, never to be picked up. We filled up 6 HUGE trash bags with trash out of our garage today! And we filled up 4 boxes of donation stuff. I still have about 8 bags of clothes to go through (keep, donate here, donate to Ghana). After several hours of us all working together the garage can feel a little better about itself. She's pretty clean now--she just needs organized.

We finished off the evening by watching "Serenity" (SciFi people, we are). And felt good about our accomplishments for the day. It will be nice to lay my head down on my pillow after an honest day's work! Yeah, yeah...this computer stuff is work too, but it doesn't make my muscles ache!



Momto13 2:29 PM  

I am totally jealous of the weather- even if it only lasted a moment- what a blessing. You are motivating me to tackle my garage- which has been a mess since we got the Christmas decorations out!
I love productive days!