Friday, January 02, 2009

Does Pee-Pee Excite You?

Pee-Pee is VERY exciting news around here right now! Bright is finally getting serious about potty-training. When he "goes" we all do the pee-pee dance and then he gets 2 M&Ms! LOL!


Irene Joy 9:49 PM  

Hey! I've been reading your blog since about August and I LOVE it! I just thought I'd comment because we had a VERY similar pee-pee dance when we potty trained our first two. :) Bright is so adorable. I can't wait till the day we adopt. Your family is an awesome reminder for me that it will happen for us one day too. Thanks for sharing all your precious moments!

Amy 3:33 PM  

Oh, pee-pee is very exciting when it is IN the toilet! Love the dance!


Emily B. 10:00 AM  

Too cute! And I love the "bargaining" going on at the very end-- Kids-- despite their differences they're really all just *kids*. :)

Congrats on the huge progress!

HollyAnn 11:52 AM  

I thought we were the only ones with a pee-pee dance! I think we really are kindred!

Heather A. 9:11 PM  

Oh Anita! You crack me up, and the title has to be one of the best blog titles EVER!