Thursday, January 08, 2009

Finally! Ghana Nativity!

YIPPEE!!! Okay, so after 3 years of hoping, waiting, hunting, dreaming of a nativity set from Ghana, Ginny Westerby made my dream come true!!! She was in Ghana recently and SO KINDLY found this fantastic nativity set for me. Isn't it just so....Ghanaian? The fabric nativity was a perfect choice, as it shows Ghanaian styles rather than just saying "Africa" (like some of the wood/stone nativities). It even came in this cool storage bag--you's the little things that impress me!

Thanks Ginny!


Jasmine 12:09 PM  

That is so awesome! I'm headed to Ghana in March and would love to get something like this! Do you know where she found it? Was it in Accra? When I was there a got one of the wooden ones, but this one is awesome! I'd love it!

Ericka 2:09 PM  

That is absolutely adorable!!!
Is that a doggie????

Laurel 2:27 PM  

How cool! We saw a lot of wooden ones when we were there, but never saw a fabric one.

Ginny brought me some Shea Butter. Yea! After 8 months, we just ran out of the bag we brought home.


blessedfamily 2:38 PM  

that is freakin adorable! LOVE it! Awesome find. YAAY Ginny!

Kristin Jag 3:37 PM  

That is fantastic! I love it!

Ginny and Ben 4:37 PM  

A woman named Joanna makes them. I have her number - you can call her when you are in Ghana and she can meet you somewhere, or you could probably go to her house. She must live near my in-laws, because she came to us. The set cost 20 cedi's. I have one, too! She also makes really cute dolls of Ghanaian women with little babies on their backs. I'll put a picture on my blog soon.

Bonky's Mom 8:41 PM  

Awesome! What a special gift to get from your friend! Thanks for sharing!

whenpigsfly 8:58 PM  

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great choice!!!!

Amy 9:02 PM  

Oh Anita, I just LOVE it! How incredibly unique and $20 is a bargain for something so lovely and special. Could you have gotten anything more perfect?


A. Gillispie 9:13 PM  

Ha! Erick, it does look like a dog now that I think about it. Kind of a long tail for a sheep! A dog is very fitting for Ghana, don't you think? Or a mini goat!

Hey Fabu--the cedi is down so 20 cedis is only like $15! Can you believe it?

I have such a busy week when I'm in Ghana (just a week from today!) but I am going to try to hook up with the crafter of this nativity to buy some sets. I'll let ya'll know what I come home with!


A. Gillispie 9:15 PM  

Sorry, meant to say Ericka, not Erick!

Kristin Jag 9:18 PM  

Anita, if you get more, could you buy one for me and leave it at Eban for when I come and I can send you some money. Hopefully I can just give it to you in person, though! ;)

A. Gillispie 9:24 PM  

Kjag, definitely. I hope you ARE there to get it yourself though! I get the feeling that as soon as you get "the word" you are on the plane!

Momto13 3:49 PM  


Amy 10:09 PM  

Oh if it worked out that one could come back with you for the Fabu, would I ever be giddy, grateful, and happy to send you cash... But I SO know how it goes and you are there for such a short time that I really have no expectations my friend!

Can't wait to hear about your trip!

Forever Yours,

bbqdaisy 5:48 PM  

Ohhhhhhhhh ... I would LOVE one too!! Is there a way to get the woman's number ...or could you buy one for me too and leave it with Romana?? I know, your list seems pretty long already :)


bbqdaisy 5:52 PM  

I forgot to say that I would mail you a check right away ... :)