Friday, January 09, 2009

Hungry Kids--Please Help

Hi all,

One of the things I am doing when I go to Ghana is visiting an orphanage in central region. This orphanage contacted me because they are interested in some of their kids being adopted, but in speaking with them it has become apparent that they are in BAD shape. From the get-go I knew this home was in need of help, and I plan to bring a food donation when I travel there on the 23rd. However, I got an email from a volunteer today that said the volunteers are buying food day to day for themselves and the kids because there is literally no more food!

I wish I was made of money and could add hundreds of dollars worth of food to what AAI is already doing. But we just don't have it right now. We will give what we can as a family, but it isn't going to be enough. I have okayed it with Merrily (our director) and am putting a call out for your help! Please, can you send a donation to add to the donation AAI is already giving? Can we work together to REALLY put some major food in the storage closet of this home for 60 kids? I've got a 15 passenger van in Ghana that I would love to FILL for this orphanage. Regardless of what happens with adoptions, they need help NOW.

If you can help (ANY amount helps!) please go to AAI's donation page and make your tax deductible donation. Time is of the essence for me to be able to take the money with me to Ghana next week. But of course whenever you send a donation we will make sure it gets to Ghana for its intended purpose! Please designate "other" and then "Ghana food donation" to make sure the money goes for this last minute project!

I know it seems like I'm always asking you to open up your pocket books for this and that. Feed My Starving Children....Eban House...Kasoa Orphanage... But these kids at this orphanage in central region of Ghana need food NOW. Today. The best I can do is get it to them by the 23rd, but I promise you I will do that! If you can't give (or even if you can) would you consider posting on your blog or to your friends/family about this need?

Please, please, donate what you can.

Thanks and blessings,
P.S. The photo above is not from this orphanage. I haven't seen it yet, but will of course share about the visit on the 23rd.


Laurel 2:05 AM  

Thanks Anita, for getting the word out about this need.

I will speak with Jim tomorrow about how much we might be able to donate.

Thanks for being ... the Hands & Feet of Christ as you take this gift. We will pray that the Lord will multiply it abundantly.


Ericka 8:27 AM  

How should we indicate this on the AAI donation page - other?

Irene Joy 9:55 AM  
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Amy 11:52 AM  

Hi Miss Anita,

Bless you for always caring! Can you take the cedis I sent you for music and use that to help this orphanage please. There will always be other chances for music down the road. I know it isn't a ton, but it is something. Best wishes for fund raising!


Momto13 7:09 PM  

This is wonderful that you are able to help this orphanage Anita (and AAI too).
Maybe it would be good to come up with a challenge for your blog readers maybe like a certain dollar amount for every hit you have on your blog daily etc??
(Gotta love a challenge!)
Love ya!

HollyAnn 10:42 PM  

Oh Anita, I soooo wish I was going with you!!! I am bawling right now! I will talk to John tomorrow..he is already asleep! But I promise some amount will be donated from the P-trees!

We need to talk about this place!!! :)

A. Gillispie 7:16 PM  

Thank you to those who have donated or spread the word on your blogs! Last I heard (this morning) we had raised about $100 extra dollars for the donation to this orphanage.

I don't think I made it clear enough in my blog post, but if you go to the AAI donation plage push "other" and then put "Ghana food donation."

Ginny and Ben 11:56 PM  

Anita - Its the 17th and you're already in Ghana. Is it too late to donate? I've just tonight read your post.