Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ghana Nativity Follow-Up

Hi all!

Several (I think about 5?) have asked for me to pick up a nativity for you when I'm in Ghana. Accrding to Ginny, the woman may not keep more than a few in stock. So I will probably buy whatever she has in stock and then send them to folks in the order they were requested. I hope that is okay. The good news is (hopefully) that AAI wants to put in a large order of them to sell in next fall! So as long as the woman agrees, hopefully there will be many available to our community next Christmas.



Jen 8:18 PM  

Oh good, I want one and I didn't ask because I am hopefully going there soon enough.
I absoutely LOVE it!!


A. Gillispie 8:30 PM  

Forgot to say...Ginny gave the the Nativity crafter's number. I don't want to put it out there on the web, but anybody can email me personally and I think it would be okay to pass it on.

Bingaling 9:33 PM glad that AAI is planning to connect with her and sell some. I want one, too! But, maybe I'll be traveling by the time I would need one and can get my own?!?!

Ginny and Ben 8:23 PM  

WOW - how great that this Ghanaian artist will have so much business! Anita - even if you can't get there before you leave, I could probably ask my MIL to buy some. I'm pretty sure she is meeting with Joanna soon (if she hasn't already!)