Saturday, January 24, 2009

Last Day in Ghana

Well, I leave in about 5 hours for the airport. I told some friends last night that a week is a good amount of time to stay in Ghana. It's long enough to get things done, but short enough that you wish you had more time here. It's good to leave a place wishing you had more time. It guarentees that you will look forward to the next trip!!!

I'm sitting at Eban House, doing email alone in the office, listening to the sounds of almost 30 children having a normal day. I got to spend some alone time with a little person who is particularly special to me. Oh, how I would love to make her mine. Precious memories.

I'm tired today. Not looking forward to the long journey it takes to get home. I'm hoping that I make all of my flights with time to spare and that I am in my family's arms by Sunday at 5pm. Please say a quick prayer for me if you think of it.



whenpigsfly 9:13 AM  

Yes Anita
I am praying! So glad that your trip went well in spite of the rocky start. Trusting to see a right-on-time-USA posted message proclaiming that all is well and you 're home with Eric, Taevy, Samren and Bright!!

Kristin Jag 1:07 PM  

I will be praying for you to have a safe flight with no connecting problems! Maybe even some half way decent food! ;) Glad you got to have some special time with a little one....hmmm....let me guess? Could it be Miss M? :) Talk to you stateside!!

The Waggoners 9:51 PM  

We just adopted our daughter from the Volta Region and returned home days before Christmas. Unfortunately we did not stumble onto the amazing group of bloggers who have/are adopting from Ghana until just a month or two before we brought our daughter home. In the last two of my trips to Ghana I have never stayed in a hotel and have always had hot water. If you would like the names of the places I stayed-i would love to share them with you. They were much like a hostil in Europe, with a private room and two meals a day were available.
Praying for a safe journey home-