Monday, February 09, 2009


Sometimes it's only the faces of your loved ones that can put a smile on your face. I just felt a need to photograph the kids (and KiKi the dog) last night. I probably took 150 photos! I got some of Eric too, but I know he would be embarressed for me to post them here, so I'll hold back. Here are a few of my favorites.

I love Taevy's smiling eyes in this one.


Nicole Anderson 9:39 PM  

Your children are beautiful!!

Jen 9:42 PM  

What great pictures! It is so ironic as I just took about 80 pictures of Selina's face this weekend and am working on a post of her different facial expressions as she is so expressive just like Bright. Love all the pictures. Taevy is beautiful.


Laurel 11:19 PM  

Beautiful pics! What camera do you have?

I'm going to take a photography class with my son, Ben, so that we can use our cameras to their fullest. We both have very nice Nikon SLRs, but neither of us really knows how to use all of the features.


whenpigsfly 4:47 PM  

What great photos!!
Look at Mr. Samren with his big boy front teeth! Naomi just lost a bottom one.......... and is hoping that one day a top one will wiggle!
Taevy grows more beautiful every day and I can always just cuddle up both of your juicy boys!!!

Awo 8:08 PM  

Faces as beautiful as your childrens' would put a smile on anyone's face!