Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Final Countdown!

Monday is our homestudy visit. If all goes well we should have a completed homestudy about 4 weeks from now. I'm really looking forward to that day, so that we can formally accept #4's referral (assuming she will be ready for referral by that time).

We got some new pictures of her this week. She is too precious. She was finally wearing some girl clothes, which makes a big difference since she's so bald! I can see that her hair is growing in more but my mom laughed at me. She doesn't see it. LOL!

I am down with some sort of nasty bug, which is interfering greatly in my homestudy visit preparations. I've resolved just not to stress about it though. Taevy came down with it yesterday. I hope it stops with the women of the family. If not our guys should be down right about the time the social worker shows up on Monday morning!