Sunday, February 15, 2009

I dream of cornrows...

I dream of cornrows, and yarn braids, and snaps, and twists, and zulu knots. I dream of "clean sections" and comb-outs, and puffs, and piggy-back braids. I dream of my future daughter's African hair, in my hands, waiting for care.

Back in 2006 when we decided to begin the adoption process again, we were planning to adopt a baby girl and a toddler boy, from Liberia. Then we were planning to adopt a boy/girl sib set from Ghana. And as the Lord planned it, we ended up with one toddler boy. It's interesting to think that in the end we are going to end up with a boy and girl from Ghana after all. Our #4 will be 20 months younger than Bright. Anyway...
In 2006 I joined the haircare yahoo group and learned how to do African hair as best you can without actually having African hair to practice on! Taevy's long, thick Asian hair had to do. Since then the poor child has had to deal with a mommy who sometimes does cornrows or twists because I never did get my beautiful African baby girl.
It is quite ironic that even though we are now paper chasing to finally bring home that baby girl she is pretty much bald!! Someday though....someday I will live my dream of cornrows, and yarn braids, and twists, and snaps, and zulu knots!



Amy 11:56 PM  

I am smiling reading this- you are just a joy to me, my friend! I love picturing you doing all this with your lil' African princess!


Laurel 1:41 AM  

Great job on the cornrows!


Bethany 7:04 AM  

Congrats on your new baby girl. Her hair is barely there - so sweet! Looking forward to following along as she comes home.

Joy 10:58 AM  

You are making me want to adopt again. :-) We just adopted our third child about a month ago.

The braids look great!


Shonni 4:09 PM  

It is fun to braid my African daughter's hair. And you did a great job on Asian hair, which is acturally harder because it is so "silky".

whenpigsfly 10:50 PM  

You and me both.....................dreaming of doing cornrows, twists and puffs on my next daughter's hair too!

Me 9:37 AM  

They are all gorgeous! congrats on the latest addition :)