Monday, February 23, 2009

Kids Walking Kids Home

Have you all heard of Kids Walking Kids Home? This is a fantastic and unique way to bring awareness to the possibility of adopting an HIV+ child while at the same time supporting a family who is adopting an HIV+ child!

It's kind of like a modified "walk-a-thon." Basically, you contact KWKH and they will send you a fundraising kid complete with cute red bucket! The idea is that you get your kids involved in the process of helping an HIV+ child "come home" to America. The kids take donations for 2-3 weeks (donations are tax deductible). At the end of the donation collection time they make a statement in your community by simply taking a walk with their red bucket in hand. Maybe they receive more donations during their walk? But even if not, they are bringing awareness to the need for people to adopt HIV+ children here and around the globe.

May 7th is Wolrd AIDS Orphan Day. Wouldn't that be a great day to do this all across the country?! Kids Walking Kids Home is a program sponsored by From HIV to Home. The coolest thing (I think) is that if you know of a family adopting an HIV+ child, you can do the walk specifically for that family/child. The funds you raise are then given as a grant to the family who is trying to adopt that child!

I think that this is something our family will try to take part in on May 7th. Such a great way to give a small blessing to another family, while at the same time bringing awareness to "positive" adoptions!



Nicole Anderson 4:59 PM  

Thank you so much for sharing!!! I have been looking for a way to raise money and show awareness on May 7th and I will definately look into this program! Thanks

Rae 12:51 PM  

What a great idea! I love From HIV to Home! I am a little concerned about the ethics of anyone sending anyone a " fundraising KID complete with cute red bucket" ;) Wink! I laughed out loud at the typo!