Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Madam Vice President

Taevy came home from school today very excited and said, "Mom, we need to talk. I have news." Then she told me all about how her class held "elections" today and she was elected Vice-President. Her best friend, Grace, was elected President. Then she said, "And I have called a meeting for Thursday. I have that power because I'm Vice-President. But I had to write a letter." Evidently she needs to present the letter in triplicate because she insisted she needed 3 copies!

I asked to see the letter. Oh my word!

"Grace is are [our] new president. So we will not juge [judge] her. She is my best friend and I will be nice to her. So I'm writing a note to her people. I'm her vice presdint [president]. So I'm now an touch able [untouchable!]. So Grace is nice and we will have a meeting on Thursday. You will see her getting more snaks [snacks]. She is a perfect presdint [president]. So we will vote for her."

What a toot! Taevy is HIGH on power! LOL! She's "untouchable" now? Good grief! Plus, don't you just love phonetic spellings the young ones come up with? "On touch able."

So...I will have to talk to Taevy about beginning ever sentence with "so." I don't know anybody else in our family that does that!


Laurel 12:02 AM  

Very cute!

:) :) :)

Awo 8:06 AM  

Girl Power!

Joy 5:05 PM  

Hello Mrs. Anita,
I am Miss Deborah's daughter and just wanted to stop by and visit!

Thank you for all of the work that you have done to help! God Bless you!

You daughter is so cute! That was so cute!