Friday, February 20, 2009

When it rains...

So I was just getting on to write about how my mom was coming down to save the day, when another "unfortunate" event took place. Since the DAY we decided to adopt #4 something has been "wrong" in our house. First Eric had a stomach flu. Then Taevy. Then I got this really nasty bug that has had me down since Monday. Taevy came down with it yesterday. Everybody is stressed and tired and/or sick. Eric appears to be coming down with the same bug Taevy and I have. And just now, as I was getting on to write about how at least my mom was coming down to help us clean and get ready for the homestudy, I heard kr-plack, kr-plack, kr-plack!

"What's that sound? What's that SOUND?! Oh no!" I ran into the kitchen, looked up, and saw the water dripping through our ceiling. This happened once before in this house. A sink in the upstairs bathroom overflowed and the water came down through the ceiling. Guess what I was going to spend time repairing this weekend? Yep! The water marks and dripped-through ceiling from three years ago (yes, I am a procrastinator).This time the culprit is the toilet. It overflowed and somehow the water goes from our tiled bathroom floor down into the ceiling of our kitchen, and on through.

So, there is no way I can repair and repaint the kitchen ceiling before the homestudy interview--now that it is wet and soggy again. The SW will walk in and see the stained drippy ceiling. Add to it that now we are going to have some sort of plumbing bill, which will come directly out of our adopiton fund. I have never been so sure that we are on the right track in adopting #4. Such attacks! So obvious! I'll let you know when someone has to go to the ER. In the meantime, prayers are appreciated!!!! Our SW is a Christian, so hopefully she will see the humor in all of this happening since the day we said "yes" to this adoption.



Amy 11:05 PM  

Oh Miss Anita! I am SOOOO sorry! I admire how you're handling it all though. Big hugs from Washington!


Nicole Anderson 8:36 AM  

I am sorry that you have to deal with all of that. I will pray that the homestudy goes well.

Amy 9:50 AM  

Anita! I hate to say this but it sounds encouraging to me that the attacks mean we're on the right track! We had a major financial hit last week that had me completely freaked out! Everyone said it was an attack - we'll just keep trusting him to provide it ALL. Looking forward to working closely with you very soon!

Terynn 5:33 PM  

Prayers from snowy Iowa coming your way. He will see you through, for he has chosen this child for your family!

Amen!! :~)

blessedfamily 6:28 PM  

Oh that's awful! I don't know if I would have consider those attacks as signs of doing the wrong thing or signs of doing the right thing! It's great to know God's plan for us is beyond our own comprehension! He knows what's right and what's wrong!

It'll get better, I'm sure!


A. Gillispie 10:20 PM  

You know, "BlessedFamily," Eric and I definitely DID talk about whether all of these bad things happening could be GOD telling us to STOP or whether it could be satan trying to make us give up. We looked at the types of things that were happening. Sickness. Flood. Fire. Feeling beat-down. I feel like whe God wants to tell us to STOP something He's going do it in a way we know it! He's gonna stop the money! Or change hearts! Satan can mess around with piddly stuff like sickness, and water, and fire, that just causes chaos and confusion.