Monday, March 30, 2009

Holy Hyper Hounds Batman!!!!!

We have been taken over by a Jack Russel Terrier Puppy (or as my husband is calling him, a Jack Russel Terrorist Puppy)!!! I am so gulable. We were making dinner and someone rung our doorbell. Cute couple with cute puppy. How can we help you? Oh, they found this puppy and are just going door to door trying to find its owner. It's not ours I tell them. They looked totally lost like, "What are we going to do NOW?!" The went on to tell me how they didn't know what to do tonight because their four pets and this little guy didn't get along.

In comes Anita the animal-lover to rescue the day. I tell them no problem, we can take care of the wee puppy and continue the neighborhood search or find him a new home. We only have the one dog (even if she is 1/2 Akita and thinks small animals are really just warm squeak toys). The look of relief on this couple's face was priceless. Ahhh....warm fuzzies. I helpd them out. And no big deal finding the puppy's family.

Good grief! We weren't 5 minutes into life with this puppy before we started to question whether it EVER stops moving! Seriously! It is like a dog on speed!!! We're calling it Pogo, like the stick.

We went through the whole neighborhood and nobody claims this dogs. I'm starting to think he was dumped because of his "active" nature. Poor thing. And yet, there is NO QUESTION...this is NOT the dog for us! Pogo must go go! No response from Craig's List yet, but certainly it can't take long for someone to fall in love with this cute little puppy, right?

We have until Friday to find him a family who will love him just for who he is--a spaz!!!! LOL



Bingaling 8:47 PM  

Aww...he's adorable. We have a terrier, and we call him a terrorist, too!

I hope you have good luck finding him a home. If you don't have a good non-kill shelter in your area...try looking up the local Jack Russell terrier rescue group online. They can certainly help find him a new home - one that knows something about terriers and loves them anyway! ;o)

Nicole Anderson 9:25 PM  

We have a Jack Russell! That look in his eyes is oohhh so familiar. The "what can I do next, throw a ball, I'm gonna get you" look!
He is cute, but I understand!

Heather A. 9:45 PM  

HAHAHAHAHA! Terriers are terrors! Give me a big, slow, stupid dog any day of the week!

Chanda had some great advice though. I'm sure there are some rescue groups specifically for terriers.

Amy 9:59 PM  

Oh Anita,

He is a cutey! The purebred dog rescues are great- some even have Yahoo groups like our AAI list. Even if there isn't a Jack Russell group in your state there might be someone in a neighboring state willing to travel. I joined the collie rescue network and am amazed at how far these committed folks will go to save one of their breed from shelters. So if there isn't a local group that might be another avenue.

Best of luck with Pogo (hilarious name, btw!),

abby 6:42 AM  

My guess is the dog belonged to the people who rang your doorbell and they just didn't want the guilt of bringing him to a shelter.

Look up the JRT rescue groups. Someone will come get him and put him in a home that can handle a terrier.

whenpigsfly 9:51 AM  

Too cute, and Pogo is a great name!!
Any luck yet?? I by the way have "found " and pulled the plug on that invisble to humans-visible to ALL dogs neon sign which seems to hang over our house advertising that "SUCKERS LIVE HERE, ALL DOGS WELCOME!"

A. Gillispie 10:04 AM  

Well, Pogo is gone! =-) His owner found him--yea! I am telling you, that was the longest 24 hours of my life, watching that little dog and trying to keep my big dog from "playing him to death." Whew! I think that will be the last time for a while that I take in a stray. Eric is NOT a dog person and was about to kill me! LOL!

A. Gillispie 10:05 AM  

BTW, no insult intended towards the folks who love Jack Russels. He was SO CUTE. But way too much energy for our family!

Jennifer 8:43 AM  

You don't have your Dachshund anymore??

Cora 10:47 AM  

Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog! We have a Jack Russell Terror (as my hubby calls him) and yes they are very very very active as puppies but they do calm down as they get older. We have said that it was the right time in our lives when we got him because we don't think we could handle a pup going into turbo now. Hope he found a good home.