Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kendi in the Family

I don't know if I've shared this yet, but we plan to give our #4 the name Kendi. It is a Swahili name that means "The Loved One." Anyhow, we talk about her all of the time around here. You know how it sort of "try on" a new child when you're adopting again. You think about how much it will cost to go to McDonald's, or where she will sit in the car and the table.

We are VERY open with our kids about our adoptions. They are very excited about having a little sister--at least the big kids. Bright is only 3 so it's taken him longer to catch on to things.

Last night I talked with Bright.

"Bright, who is your big sister?"
"Right. Who is your big brother?"
"Good! Who is your baby sister?"

He thought for a minute....

"Candy Mabel!" [Right now Kendi and Candy are pretty much the same word to him. LOL]
"Good job Bright! Where is Kendi right now?"

He thought for a minute again....
"Candy Mabel on da puter Mommy!"

What a crack up. He just gets that she is on the computer, because he sees pictures of her on the computer.

Then tonight the family was playing Wii Baseball. When you play Wii Baseball all of the little people/profiles you create on the Wii take turns. So on our system the grandmas and grandpas and kids and daddy and mommy all come up to bat. Tonight, Kendi came up to bat too. The kids had made a person/profile to represent Kendi during the week. It was so funny to hear Samren (the batter, Kendi) saying, "Take an easy on me daddy." And then Eric responding, "Kendi, you've got to swing faster than that!"

These are just small observations that I find happiness in right now. Little by little, she is joining our family long before she arrives.



Amy 8:55 PM  

That is very sweet. :) Thanks for sharing Anita!


Jennifer 10:05 AM  

I am SO glad I am not the only one that thinks about McDonald's and the car thing LOL!!!!!

I'm ready to hook up his car seat and we haven't even begun yet!!!!