Sunday, March 08, 2009

Small Blessings

I am just always so thankful and amazed at how the Lord not only provides for our family's needs, but also some extra tangibles that are just very appreciated!!!

Today at church we had a fellowship meal after the service. Everybody brought potluck Mexican food. YUM! It was a really fun time of eating and talking. I love our church.

At the end of the lunch we were given a HUGE bag of tortilla chips, which never go to waste at our house. But also, there is a member of our church who collects the unsold breads from Panara Bread to give away. The back of her truck was FULL of artisan breads! We filled up 2 target-sized bags and carried another big loaf away. Bagels, and sourdough, and french loaves, and I don't know what else! It was enough that we gave a few loaves to some of our neighbors.

We weren't in NEED of food this week. Thankfully we have never been in that position. But we are headed into 2 weeks of Spring Break. For us this means a bigger food budget, as our big kids receive FREE breakfast and lunch at their school, and Bright eats lunch at school.

How good is our God? He is so good that sometimes He blesses us with that little extra, just because.