Saturday, March 07, 2009

Woo-hoo! (Adoption Update)

I've never been so happy to see money come out of my bank account! When you're adopting and money is coming out of your bank account, you know you are making progress.

Today $830 for USCIS came out. We mailed the application 2-26-09.

Last week $100 to AAI came out, for the application. [Our fee is reduced since I already own the training materials.]

Last week $900 to our social worker came out, for the homestudy. We are hopefully within 3-4 weeks of having a completed homestudy. In OK our child abuse clearances take around 4 weeks, so that slows us down. But all of the supporting documents are in except that, so hopefully the study will be done around the same time the clearances are back.

Our personal funds for the adoption are depleting quickly, but we trust that the Lord will provide through grants and the generosity of others, in His perfect time.

I'm so thankful that #4 is in a good children's home. I hear stories that make me cringe. The children's home #4 is in is far from perfect, but still has much better standards than many other homes in Ghana. I know she is loved on constantly. Actually, by all accounts she is getting quite spoiled! I know she is being fed a ton, as evidenced by her fattening cheeks and the rolls on her neck! I know that she is receiving the best medical care she can in Ghana, which is a relief because of her special needs. I know she is thriving. She is talking now, and walking now, and doing most things a child her age should be doing. For this, I am thankful.

Still, nothing can replace the love of a permanent family. I can't wait to have her here, in our family. I want to hear her laugh again. I want to watch her sleeping. Heck--I even look forward to seeing her whine when she isn't picked up right when she wants to be!!



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whenpigsfly 8:05 PM  

If Liberia were not closed right this minute I'd challenge you to a "Race to the VISA appointment", but you're probably gonna win anyhow!!
SO happy for you getting all your ducks lined up and so many things moving so quickly! Trusting with you for generous grants!!
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Ericka 7:28 AM  

awesome anita!

Momto13 9:16 AM  

Yeah! So glad to see the progress made so fast! :)
Love ya!

Heather A. 9:26 PM  

LOL! I'm NEVER excited to see money leave my checking account, even for an adoption. But I totally get celebrating the milestones. Good job getting everything done so quickly!