Saturday, April 18, 2009


It is so cool how God sends little blessings our way that show us that He loves us and He is faithful to care for us.

I've been looking for a very inexpensive toddler bed and chest of drawers for Kendi's bedroom. I've been hunting Craig's list like a woman posessed, all week! The thing about Craig's list is that if you get there 15 minutes after an item is listed, it may be too late.

My determination paid off Thursday when we were able to get a used Toddler Bed for $10! Then yesterday I responded to an add for a Chest of Drawers for $50, and asked if they would take $40 (our budget). The family responded back that they would like to bless us by GIVING it to us! Can you believe that? So for $10 we were able to gather a bed and chest of drawers for our little one. It will be fun to paint them and prepare them for her homecoming. Isn't God cool?!


At the Foot of the Cross 7:59 PM  

I love Craig's List and Freecycle. We got our guinea pig through Craig's List for free. I've given lots of stuff to people via Freecycle.

Enjoy your treasure hunting as you wait for your little angel!