Friday, April 03, 2009

Do you have extra NWA miles?

One of the ways that people could really bless us with getting #4 home is to donate frequent flyer miles that they don't want/need. Right now Northwest is having a special where if you donate miles, the person you donate to actually receives DOUBLE miles! 50,000 donated miles become 100,000 miles! It "costs" 130,000 miles for one round trip ticket to Africa. We have almost enough miles for 1 ticket, but will need to buy at least 2 tickets (one for me and one for #4). If the finances worked out, I'd love to be able to take my mom or oldest daughter with me as well, but I know that's probably a pipe dream.

At any rate, if you have extra miles you don't want/need and want to bless someone with them, click HERE! Of course we would be so thankful for any donated miles, but it's a great way to bless any adoptive family you know of that plans to fly NWA/KLM for their adoption travel!



Matthew 10:07 PM  

Unfortunately, it seems a bit expensive to transfer miles - they want to charge $0.01 per mile (which means for 25,000 miles, they charge $250 plus a $25 processing fee). And they have a limit of 30,000 miles that can be donated to a single account in a single year, which limits the amount that you receive. I have some miles I might be willing to donate, but I'm not willing to pay that kind of processing fee!