Thursday, April 30, 2009

Frogs and Bangs

Taevy has decided to grow out her bangs. I personally like her WITH bangs, but I figure there are bigger things to have battles over. Her bangs are at that point where they are too long to stay down and not long enough to stay out of the way on their own. So we've gotten creative. =-)She thinks she wants to dye her hair. Can you imagine having hair that beautiful and wanting to change it?! I told her we would fight that battle when she turns 16.

Frogs. The first spring we were in this house we were bothered by some "animal" noise out in the yard once it turned spring. Turns out, we have frogs. LOTS of frogs. Our neighbor has a pool. Rain collects on the pool cover over the winter. Then thousands of tadpoles appear in the spring. Our neighbor just loves all of the frogs that breed in her pool. And it IS sort of fun to go over with the kids and see the tadpoles and such. But the result is that we here THIS every night spring to fall.

Cute little frogs. Cool sound, for a little while. But hard to sleep through! We actually moved our bedroom a few years ago, in part because of the frogs! LOL!


Lee 7:18 AM  

WOW! I love the sound of frogs - but that was a pretty clear recording so I bet they are LOUD in real life! :)

Taevy's hair looks adorable - and the black is gorgeous - so shiny and healthy....we have the same discussion with my 7 year old who has beautiful red hair - the kind people pay hundred's of dollars for. I know it's just hair...but I know I will be sad if she dyes it as a teen....

KamPossible 8:20 AM  

I can completely relate to the frog sound. I once knew someone who moved into our area, who called her husband home urgently from work to figure out what that "horrible" noise was :-)

I am going to send you a link to see Angelisa's first pink... then purple hair :-)

Rachel 9:32 AM  

I love your bangs solution! That is a great idea. I remember being about her age and growing out my bangs and it was this huge ordeal because they were in my face for such a long time.

And I agree with you, Taevy's hair is gorgeous! :)

Cora 10:29 AM  

Love how you got the bangs out of the way. She is such a pretty girl with out without bangs.

Have a great weekend listening to the frogs!