Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting there...

It's still not totally how I want it, but I've made some pretty decent progress on the blog design. I was just bored of all of the (very cute) cutestblogontheblock designs. So I found a basic blog template on the web and have been messing with colors and patterns and banners and fonts in my free minutes. The eyes are TIRED of looking at code. This must be how Eric feels every day--and he's only got 1/2 of one eye working for him anyway. Makes me appreciate my guy!


Laurel 12:06 AM  

I like the new background. I just knew you weren't the boring type.

mama of 13

Jen 12:40 AM  

I need to do that too although the word "code" turned me off!! I have so many digital papers and such, I should be able to do my own but have not yet. Hopefully soon. I am inspired though.
I love the paper pattern! :-)

Rosie 5:01 AM  

I like the pattern but i think it would look better if the kids photos were in colour