Sunday, April 05, 2009

Welcome Kendi!

Did you know this...

Can all fit into this?!
This weekend we went to Kansas to visit my family. Taevy, my mom, and I had a great time on Saturday shopping for Kendi Mabel's welcome bag items! It is so fun to see just how much you can fit into one gallon size bag and stay under 3 pounds! We got her an outfit, matching hat, shoes, pj's, sunglasses, a cuddly (his cheeks light up and he plays twinkle twinkle), hair barrettes, and her photo book. The kids will also send drawings they made for their baby sister.

It was interesting going to Babies R Us to look at things for the last "baby" (even though she will be over 2 when she comes home). She doesn't need most of the stuff babies need, but we did find the bedding/bedroom theme we want to go with. When Taevy came home we did bugs in her nursery. It was just...special. At the time bugs weren't a common theme and it just felt so happy to me! Here are pics all the way back in 2000...As soon as mom and I saw the set on Saturday, I think we both knew that was it--ladybugs and fireflies. Red, and Black, and White, and light green, and pink...very fun colors to play with. I'll be peicing things together rather than purchasing a crib set (since she'll be going to a toddler bed, not a crib). I'll buy a little at a time as the budget allows, but I did buy my "inspriation peice" this weekend--the window valence. That way I've got all of the patterns and colors in front of me when I shope for things that are outside of the set, but inside the theme. More than you ever cared to know, I'm sure!
Thanks to all of you who sent wishes of congratulations on our official referral. It feels a lot better than I thought it would! I thought it would feel like a formality (since we've been paperchasing after her all along) but in fact, it has felt like a huge she's REALLY going to be ours and I can take a deep breath. I'll exhale after court, but at least for now I can get that deep breath!



Story of our Life 8:10 PM  

I love it!!! So sweet and innocent all in one!!


Jen 10:33 PM  

Yea! Nice job on the welcome bag! I love the bedroom set- especially that chair. Where is that from? It is so incredibly cute!
I am so happy for you all! Congratulations!


Laurel 2:59 AM  

Too cute! What fun to shop for your next little one (NEVER say "last").


whenpigsfly 9:03 AM  

Love your decor, and it is amazing what a one gallon bag will hold!!!
Agreeing with Laurel about that "never" thing....................God may already have that written down, to be sure, be who knows???????? ;- )

A. Gillispie 12:21 PM  

Jen, I just google searched and found the pic of the chair. The pics of the set don't really like what I like most about it, which is that it includes the black/white gigham and red. The chair showed that more. =-)

blessedfamily 1:08 PM  

Congrats Anita! And thanks for a peak into what a one gallon bag can hold....;)

Bingaling 8:14 AM  

I love it! But, I also LOVE bugs for little kid room decor. What a sweet little set. I think it will be perfect!