Friday, May 15, 2009

It's 3:35am and

**Updated to say: Eric is home now. They didn't find anything more than regular diabetes stuff at the hospital. This doesn't make me feel better. He has been referred to a neurologist to make sure that this isn't something more serious. That doesn't make me feel better either. But all indications are that it was "just" another diabetic low.**

My husband is on his way to the hospital for the second time this week. He went into a seizure at around 2am while we were both sleeping. I hope you never have to see your loved one having a seizure. It is such a helpless feeling. Eric's face turned bluish this time. But it's his eyes...the desperation in his eyes. He's not asleep. He knows what's going on. And he wants so desperately to stop the painful spasms his body is in, But he can't.

The ambulance was taking too long, even though it had only been a few minutes. I ran into the kitchen to see what I could find. I found a sucker and a can of lemonade. Now, they will tell you never to put anything into the mouth of someone who is seizing. And I know they are right. But I still broke of a small piece of that sucker and put it in his mouth. The lady on 911 started telling me, "No, don't do that!" but I did. And about 20 seconds later the seizure stopped. He was able to roll on his side so I could give him lemonade, but the 911 lady insisted I not. Well, we got one swallow down anyway. Eric would have seized for 3-4 more minutes at least if I wouldn't have put that little bit of sucker in his mouth.

The paramedics made it here. Eric was sort of with it at that point. When they found out that he had done this 2 times in the last 3 days they became very convinced that he should go to the hospital. Eric was not so convinced. All three paramedics took me aside individually and told me that he really needed to go. Eric refused even with my encouragement. The paramedics, not wanting to give in, said that they would "conveniently" sit out in front of our house because they had some paperwork to do. IF we should change our mind, the signatures for "no treatment" could easily be erased. Good guys. Good guys.

After they went out I put it to Eric. It is NOT normal to have 2 seizures in one week when you haven't had a seizure for the past 11 years before that point. Something is going on. The paramedics said it could be an unusual precursor to a stroke, or any number of other things. Tonight, there was no reason for Eric to go so low as he slept. He had done everything right today. I took a big step and called Eric's dad to talk some sense in to him. It worked. So Eric is heading to (or probably at by now) the hospital. I am here with our 3 sleeping children. His dad is going to the hospital to be with him.

I feel that our family is under quite the attack from the enemy right now. Eric having such health complications this week brings up a lot of questions. How can I leave him while I go to Ghana? This is two times in one week that he would have likely died if I would have been in Ghana. What would happen if Eric died? Would they let me bring Kendi home? Would that be the right thing for Kendi? How would I support our family? And of course Eric is wondering... Will I see my kids graduate college? Will I walk my daughter's down the aisle?

These are not fun questions. The enemy LOVES it when we go down such uncertain and scary paths in our minds, instead of just trusting that it will be as it will be. He loves that he's sandwiched chaos around the good news of Kendi's legal binding to our family. We'll remember seizure/hospital/successful court/seizure/hospital. But I say forget that. I won't give him the pleasure. One Wednesday, the Lord brought Eric through a medical crisis. On Thursday the Lord blessed us with a 4th child. On Friday (today) the Lord has once again brought Eric through a medical crisis. And as a bonus, maybe we will figure out the root of the seizures.

Please pray for a hedge of protection around our home and family as we fight the physical and spiritual battle taking place.



Story of our Life 4:43 AM  

It is early here at our house. And my heart is so heavy for your family. Such joy and excitement to have officially added Kendi to your family. Yet, the unknown and worry taht comes for Eric and his health issues.

The Great Physician knows what the end result is. Whatever that maybe. He is the only one that can heal and make this go away. it is my prayer that he can and will sustain your family.

(((HUGS))) Anita!! Lots of them!


Heather A. 4:58 AM  

I am praying my friend.

FullPlateMom 5:28 AM  

Praying for your family. I hope the doctor has some answers.

Ericka 5:51 AM  

Praying Anita.

Bingaling 6:34 AM  

Praying for all of you, Anita.

Rachel 7:19 AM  

I'm praying Anita.

Shonni 7:22 AM  

We will be praying...I am so sorry!!!

Christina 7:25 AM  

Praise God for your quick thinking and His providence in all of this. I'm glad you were able to convince Eric to go to the hospital. It will help to know exactly what is going on. I'm praying the doctors will have the knowledge and discernment to figure it out.
Also praying with you for God's protection and peace over your family.

whenpigsfly 7:29 AM  

standing with you in prayer Anita.
Sharing your prayer request with other prayer warriors too.Yes your questions are hard questions, and I know that God our Heavenly Abba Father holds the answers in His hand, but most of all He holds the peace that passes all our human understanding about how to process those questions and any answers that might be assigned to them.
Right now I am praying that God not only calm the storm but calm your spirits as well as that hedge of protection goes up and surrounds you with a SHAMAR perseverant, encompassing, protective strength!

Amy 7:49 AM  

Oh Sister, praying for you and your family.

Love you tons,

We are Grateful!!! 10:41 AM  

Lifting you all up in prayer!
Blessings, Tami

Terynn 5:40 PM  

Prayers for you and Eric and all the scary stuff and the questions that are being asked, often with no answers. God will surely see you through.

I pray that you would see the evidence of His presence in these events, that you may be comforted in *knowing* He is with you every step of the way.

KamPossible 9:25 PM  

God's love shines through you and gives me strength.

I have been praying for your family throughout the day and I will continue to pray.

I am desperately wishing I could do more to help.


Adoption Advocates International 7:16 AM  

Thinking of you and your family Anita

Zimmerman family 10:18 PM  

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Anita!!
Love you!!
Hilda :)

Laurel 3:32 AM  

I haven't done much blog reading while in Ghana. I will certainly be praying for your precious family. I absolutely believe that the Enemy wants to attack, and we must fight the battle with our Lord ... who is much stronger than anything the Enemy can throw at us.



Deborah 5:44 AM  

Reading this post brought tears to my eyes and sure did tug at my heart. I will be praying for your family.